Portable Air Conditioner

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Climachill offer a range of New Generation Portable Air Conditioning Units, which utilise state of the art technology in order to provide all our customers with portable air conditioning that is more effective than ever before while at the same time still being cost effective and long lasting.

All of our cooling range is available from 12,000 BTU to a huge 25,000 BTU and some heating models are also available in that range. Our portable air conditioning units can be utilised for both commercial and domestic use and due to their construction can be easily relocated so are ideal for events and business meetings.

How do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

A Portable Air Conditioner works by removing the heat from a room, it then expels this heat out via an exhaust hose, typically this is placed out of an open window or customers can have a 6″ diameter hole drilled in their wall so that the hose can vent out of the hole instead.  All Portable Air Conditioners work in this way (there is no machine out there which is a portable air conditioner which doesn’t have an exhaust hose in order to vent away the hot air).

All Portable Air Conditioners also create water in the way that they work, in some models on the market this water is collected into an internal water tank and when full the customer has to manually empty it, Our New Generation Portable Air Conditioning Units come complete with the latest technological advancement, known as the ‘Self Evaporative Water Recycling’ which improves efficiency as it recycles much of the water used in its cooling process. This recycling of the water usage reduces the fuel costs as well as the power consumption, making it better for the environment to use one of the New Generation portable air conditioners.

Cost Effective Air Conditioning

It is estimated that on a hot humid day around 75% of the water created can be fully recycled by the system, making it far more cost effective and environmentally friendly than previous models. This also means that you don’t have to physically empty the water tank as frequently as a standard portable air conditioner, most of the year you wont have to empty it all but on hot humid days or if the unit is placed in a hot room the unit will create too much water than it can re-use and in this instance the internal tank would fill up and require manually emptying.

Unlike the typical units found at DIY stores these portable air conditioning units can be easily moved and are also ideal for using in server rooms as back-up air conditioning units, or on days of extreme weather conditions.

Importance of Efficient Air Conditioners

Climachill understands how important it is to have efficient air conditioning in the spring and summer months, particularly when it can become hot and humid in both a domestic and a commercial environment. That is why we will work with you to discuss your specific needs in order to advise you on the best installed air conditioning system or portable air conditioning unit that will be tailored to the needs and budget of your property or business.


For more information on the supply and installation of the range of products we provide, or if you have any questions call us on 01273 803820 or email us your queries at sales@climachill.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.