Servicing, Breakdowns & Repairs

spanner and screwdriver iconClimachill offer a full range of aftersales service for Installed Systems even if we didn’t originally supply the system. Our engineers are qualified to undertake planned servicing, to attend breakdowns and carry out repairs to any of the major brand air conditioning systems.

Servicing is important for an Air Conditioning System as it reduces running costs, ensures that systems are operating at optimum efficiency and dramatically reduces the likelihood of a breakdown, leading to inconvenience and potentially expensive repairs. On a service visit we check refrigerant levels, electrical connections, clean the filters, clean & sanitise the indoor evaporator, clean the outdoor condenser and check that the system is running correctly.


Breakdowns do occur but when it happens you want to be sure that you call a company whom is going to be able to diagnose the fault quickly so that the required new part can be ordered & fitted to get your system working again as quickly as possible. Our service engineers carry the latest in diagnostic tools to ensure a quick diagnosis & we have accounts with all of the major Air Conditioning suppliers ensuring a quick ordering process of any required spare parts ensuring the quickest possible repair to your system.

It is now a legal requirement that any person installing or maintaining an air conditioning system is a qualified FGAS Engineer, Climachill engineers are Category 1 Qualified FGAS Engineers (the highest level of qualification). This permits us to work on any air conditioning system and provides assurance to clients that the engineers installing or maintaining their system have been adequately trained and are suitably qualified.

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