PAC12L – 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (Wifi Control)

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£390.00 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Top Features

  • air conditioning unit 12,000btu = 3.5kw Cooling Capacity
  • Optional 3metre long exhaust hose
  • Lightweight with Easy Glide Wheels
  • Ideal for Bedrooms

Product Information


PAC12L – 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (Wifi Control)


SPRING 2024 OFFER – £100 discount – Was £425.00+vat – Now £325.00+vat

This is a Premium Quality 12,000btu (3.5kw) Cool & Heat Portable Air Conditioner   This is suitable for a room size of 18-25m2 (190-270sqft)

How it works

A Portable Air Conditioner works by removing the heat from a room, it then expels this heat out via an exhaust hose, typically this is placed out of an open window or customers can have a 6″ diameter hole drilled in their wall so that the hose can vent out of the hole instead or if you have a suspended ceiling with a large void area you can vent the hot air into this area.  All Portable Air Conditioners work this way (if it doesn’t have an exhaust hose then it’s not a Portable Air Conditioner).

Why is this unit better than others?


All Portable Air Conditioners also create water in the way that they work, in some models on the market this water is collected into an internal water tank and when full the customer has to empty it manually, Our New Generation Portable Air Conditioning Units come complete with the latest technological advancement, known as the ‘Self Evaporative Water Recycling’ which improves the efficiency as it recycles much of the water used in its cooling process. This recycling of water usage reduces fuel costs and power consumption, making it better for the environment to use one of the New Generation portable air conditioners.  This means most of the year you won’t have to empty the water tank but on hot humid days please be aware that the unit will create too much water than it can reuse and in this instance the internal tank would fill up and require manual emptying.


Our units feature HEAT PUMP Heating Technology – standard cheaper portable units use PTC heating which offers almost no heating, our units feature HEAT PUMP Technology which means that these units heat extremely well (min room starting temp of 16c)

This unit has an exhaust hose which needs to be vented, please see the installation tab or download the user manual for further information

Please be sure to read through the user manual before purchase Click Here For the User Manual

Product Features
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Self-evaporative system. The condensing water is recycled to improve efficiency
  • Low running noise but a powerful cooling turbo fan feature
  • Easily moved via 4 easy glide castors
  • Self diagnosis function
  • Screen indicating temperature and operation status
  • Wind blows omni-directionally
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Vertical Louver
  • Remote Control
  • Min Cooling Set Temperature = 16C
  • Max Heating Set Temperature = 31C

achose2This really is a Plug & Play machine, simply place the unit near a window, attach the exhaust hose to the unit, vent the hose out of the window, plug the machine into a normal electrical socket and turn it on – simple as that! The exhaust hose supplied with the unit is 1.5metres long, if you need it to be longer we sell an extended hose which can be taped to the end of the original hose in order to provide an exhaust hose with a total length of approx 3metres (you can’t have a longer hose than this & this is the maximum permissible length).

Technical Specifications

Rechi Compressor
12000btu (3.5 Kw) Heating & Cooling
Timer Facility
1.2 L/H evaporative dehumidifier
Adjustable thermostat
Loss of power protection and on-board memory
3 speed fan
Infra-Red Remote Control: Yes
Easy rolling casters for portability
Cooling input 1.37 Kw
Heating input 1.35 Kw
Air Circulation 360 Cu/m Hr
Noise: High Fan = less than 65db(A) / Low Fan = less than 50db(A)
Ozone friendly R290
Complete with 1.5 metres exhaust hose and window mounting board
Energy Rating A
UK 13Amp Plug
Exhaust Diameter = 152mm
Exhaust Diameter Max Length = 3metres
Approval Safety Certificate = CE / CB / EMC / LVD / ROHS
Room Temp Operating Range = 16c-31c
Dry Mode Minimum Room Temp = 18c
Min Cooling Set Temperature = 16c
Max Heating Set Temperature = 31c

Applicable Room Area: Up to 25m2 (270sqft)

Dimensions: (W x D x H)
44.00 x 34.00 x 80.00 cm (net)
Weight: 26.00 kg (net) , 28.00 kg (gross)

Please note that this model is not designed to be used 24/7 or in server /comms rooms environments.  We are unable to offer any warranty should this unit be used in a server / comms room environment.  Please look at the Commercial Range of Broughton Units for this.

Support & Warranty



The User Manual for this product is available for Download, Click Here For User Manual


This unit comes with a fully inclusive 12 months parts & labour warranty, any problems during the first 12months please email us at and we will remedy the fault. Please keep the packaging for this period – its specifically designed for the machine, if during the first 12 months your unit needs to be returned to us for repair then our courier wont insure it on its return journey if its not in the original packaging – as such any damage incurred on its return journey would be liable to you the customer.  Of course you could arrange for it to be shipped with your own courier with your own insurance if you wanted to. Unlike our competitors, after 12months we will continue to support our customers with spare parts availability, if during years 2 or 3 you suffer a parts breakdown (other than the compressor) then we will ship you the new part needed to fix the machine free of charge.  We have had these machines designed so that they are easy to service, changing parts is a straightforward DIY task which of course we will fully explain what needs to be done. If your thinking of purchasing from a competitor ask them about spare parts availability (chances are they cant supply them), we hold in our own warehouse spare parts for machines we have been selling for the past 10yrs – this is where Climachill differ from other internet sellers of portable air conditioners –  we are an Air Conditioning Company whom employ Air Conditioning Engineers and hold spare parts if a machine needs them – to our knowledge no-one else offers this!

Do not reduce the diameter of the exhaust, doing so will impede airflow and this can affect the fan motor / drum, doing so will invalidate the warranty.  Only use exhaust hoses purchased from Climachill, they are the correct diameter and have the correct rigidity, using incorrect exhaust hoses not purchased from Climachill will invalidate the warranty term offered.  The maximum permissible length of exhaust hose is 3metres, under no circumstance use a longer length, doing so will invalidate the warranty term offered.

Please note that this model is not designed to be used 24/7 or in server /comms rooms environments.  We are unable to offer any warranty should this unit be used in a server / comms room environment.  Please look at the Commercial Range of Broughton Units for this.

PAC12L – 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (Wifi Control)

Customer Reviews

20 Reviews
  1. Best £390 I think Ive ever spent, as a mature lady going through a life change at moment this machine has helped me so much


  2. 5stars


  3. 5/5


  4. Ordered on Sunday received Tuesday morning, what a great service!

    Just tried the air con unit and i must say it is a fantastic product for the money, you will not find anything better at this cost, my father in law bought a similar air con unit (same BTU) but mine completely blows it away. It also has more features like hot air blowing.

    Fantastic product and at this price a no brainer!

    Thank you

    Paul Fairhurst (verified owner)

  5. its good


  6. Does what it says on the tin, simples


  7. Great air con unit. Plug in and go. We were able to feel the room becoming cooler within 15 mins. Much nicer looking than most available from more well-known retailers and a fantastic price. Of course, it is not silent, but on high speed, it is easily forgettable during daily duties. Highly recommended.

    Yvonne Bissett (verified owner)

  8. I highly recommend this unit.

    This is our third aircon unit.
    1 – We got this from B&Q, used it for the end of last summer and put it in to storage. Got it back out of storage to find it constantly leaked and ruined our carpet. Managed to get our money back – Result!
    2 – We got a Delonghi to replace the B&Q unit which cost a little more than the Climachill unit. This was total rubbish and we were having to empty it every 50-60 minutes. We sent this back after 2 days and got or money back.
    3 – The wife had a look around the Internet and found the Climachill unit. The company reviews were good so I thought I would buy one. The worst that could happen is that the unit was no good and I would send it back. The actual situation was quite the opposite. The unit is really quite the workhorse. It’s not overly loud either. The aircon function works extremely well and it pushes out some really cold air. The heater function also works really well. I’ve not tried the dehumidifier function yet as I haven’t had the need.
    My favourite function is definitely the fan function. The air comes out of the exhaust hose as well as the vents at the front of the unit which means you have a major bonus of having a pipe which you can position where you need it so you could for example have the air coming out of the unit itself and the pipe pointed in a different direction providing additional airflow and cooling in a different part of the room – This is an absolute godsend because I can point the hose at the dog in her bed whilst I’m keeping myself cool too!
    The exhaust hose mounting is pretty robust and has a twist to lock fit which I was really pleased with. The exhaust pipe itself is of good quality and a decent length.
    There is a place on the rear of the unit where you can wrap the power cable round and a space to fit the plug which thought was a nice little touch.

    The unit itself obviously quite large but this gives it the ability to do what it does so well.

    I would definitely recommend this unit to my friends and I think that I would also use Climachill again – I have found the customer services department to really be on the ball and they E-mail back really quickly when you contact them. I feel that if I ever had a problem with the unit that I would be looked after really well.

    Definitely one of my better purchases

    Paul Webb (verified owner)

  9. Bought this a couple of months ago and wanted to give it a fair crack before writing a review. We’ve had a pretty mild summer but there have been a few sweltering evenings, and seeing as I sometimes have this unit in a room with a high end PC that kicks out some serious heat I’d say it’s a fair test. Couple of things I will add, firstly that the minimum size room for this unit is listed as 12m/sq and max is 25m/sq, and I have it in rooms of about 15m/sq so it is down at the lower end of what this unit is listed for, and like most portable air conditioners available in the UK it is a single hose unit, which is not as effective as a dual hose portable system that sucks air from outside, kicks out cold air, and then has a second hose to expel the hot air, so to prevent the unit essentially turning the room it’s in into a vacuum where hot air is pulled in from doors and the open window, you have to seal it well with a window kit (not supplied, and it can be a bugger to find one that will fit certain types of windows well), but even then warm air will still get pulled in from somewhere so the unit will have to work harder than it should.

    Anyway, now that’s all out of the way, I would give the overall unit a 4.5, it does what it says, it cools the room, in fact if you’re sat with the unit pointed at you from the other side of the room, on the coldest climate setting of 16°C at the lowest fan speed after a few minutes you would need to put a jacket on (I measured the air being put out at around 2°C). I don’t think it takes the entire room down to the level it states it will on the display, probably because of the vacuum issue of these types of units, but it is certainly a noticeable difference and makes an unbearably warm and humid room feel like you’re stood in front of the freezer section at M&S. The price is excellent at £360 as you’ll typically find yourself paying about £50 more for a unit of the same output. It also has an added heater function which is something you don’t always find and will be a nice touch for when we don’t really need the central heating on when it’s just a bit chilly. You generally only need it on the lowest fan setting and the noise level is not too bad on that, but to be honest even on the highest it isn’t particularly loud, but this is something most people are really subjective about for some reason so I would say make up your own mind; personally I find it easier to sleep while cool with an ambient humming rather than in hot silence.

    Couple of negatives, firstly the hose supplied is next to useless unless you’re parking the unit directly next to the widow, and even then you’ll be close to it’s limit at 1.5m. I would just ship the optional 3m hose as standard and stick a few quid on the price, having the extra versatility of where you can have the unit is too useful. Also, unless I missed it in the box there isn’t any sort of hose to attach to the water drainage plug which would be a nice touch and would cost next to nothing to include.

    Regardless, I’m really pleased with the unit so far, it makes a big difference over just having a fan blowing warm air into your face and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone needing to cool a room, had been considering getting a portable air conditioner for years and always figured it wouldn’t be worth it, but as someone who hates summer, the difference on those humid nights is well worth the money, especially considering that this is an air con, fan, dehumidifier and heater all rolled into one.


  10. 4.5 stars out of 5

    My workplace originally got one for the office, I was interested in a portable system for my house so I had my chance to mess around with the one at work! I was impressed, 4 functions and I thought oooh that’s got to be expensive because normal portable air con units cost £400+ on Amazon with just 3 functions. This Aircon unit has FOUR! The air blows crisp cold in cooling mode and the heating function is very nice as well which many units across the UK portable market don’t have. I would give 5 stars but the noise makes it a 4.5 I would recommend this unit absolutely and for this price I simply can not complain. Comes with a vent pipe and window attachment but I went and bought a window frame outlet from Amazon which does the job. Easy to use. I hope it is long term reliable and I do hope the after sales service is good too when needed. I use this unit for warm nights in particular in the bedroom, the timer function is a good addition. Buy it! I want one in every room! Good all round for the year round!

    Suresh Gangar (verified owner)

  11. Good product, was delivered with a broken wheel but Climachill sent another same day, was easy to change, these things happen I guess, efficient company


  12. Do you know when this product will be back in stock please?

    Simon Blakesley

  13. Great unit for our bedroom, now sleep with duvet on, cant believe the difference it made to our bedroom,


  14. Our main air conditioning system in our hotel broke down, we needed an immediate solution, we contacted Climachill and enquired about ordering 40x units with immediate delivery, they sorted a same day delivery for us so from contact to receiving the machines was 6hours – thats good, our maintenance team then went about installing the units in the rooms to keep the guests happy, some customers complained but majority were happy with the solution we found – good experience dealing with Climachill


  15. Nice machine, small, lightweight, quite quiet for what it is, good price, quick delivery, no complaints

    Mike Jones

  16. Thought i was being clever with the dyson fan, I wasnt, it was an overpriced fan that i sent back as it didnt cool my room, little research took me to the climachill website, i read the products and reviews seemed good, good enough for me to order a unit and see, was delivered on Saturday as i had chosedn Saturday delivery, i was surprised, its chalk and cheese in comparion to the dyson, it actually blows out cold out, like properly cold air, my room was cool within 30minutes, why i didnt buy one of these earlier i just dont know, dont hesitate, it really cools a room down and does it really well


  17. This unit is fantastic. Having tried all the traditional methods of trying to keep the house cool (with a south facing bedroom) in the 2 months of UK summer where it’s a little unbearable I took the plunge.

    We’re both homeworkers working out of the other 2 rooms and it made the upper floor of the house comfortable within 15 minutes. The self-evaporating feature is great. Just before sleep I’d fire it up as low as possible with the door closed to the bedroom and it made such a difference to being able to sleep.

    We’re moving house shortly and the increased energy costs will see it get far more use with a solar panel+battery combo which will mean I can essentially cool the house for free, and probably heat the house a little going into winter too. I’ll probably buy another so I have both floors covered. Cheers Climachill

    Michael from Leeds (verified owner)

  18. I ordered this AC unit yesterday and it arrived this morning. Such amazing service. From the purchase online to delivery this morning, it was completely stress free. The best £390 I’ve spent in a long time. The unit itself is so nice and easy to use. The fan is amazing and so powerful. It’s cooled my room right down. The AC is so cold and I’m now so happy that the next time temperatures go as high as they were the other day, I will stay nice and cool. Thank you so much Climachill. I’m one extremely happy customer 🙏

    S.Cribben (verified owner)

  19. What a fantastic company! Ordered Friday (yesterday) morning, paid the extra for Saturday delivery and so got it the next morning (today!).

    Bargain price, was the cheapest 12000 I could find. Bought to replace a 4 year old 9000 (different make) that was struggling more each summer and was no longer having enough of an impact in my bedroom. I don’t cope with normal summer heat and especially the heatwaves. Was umming and ahhing about getting an upgrade and I’m so pleased I did.

    Wow this is fantastic. What a difference. On the lowest setting it cooled down not just the bedroom but the whole of upstairs in an hour (accumulated heat, was unbearable upstairs). If you’re dithering and not sure if to buy or upgrade an old AC, I’d say don’t hesitate, get this! Nice to support a smaller retailer too.

    Not wasted the old 9000 either, that seems to be coping fine downstairs in the living room. Ooh, I have a lovely cool house now!

    Thank you Climachill!

    Nina Dawson (verified owner)

  20. Very impressed with this unit, kept the house cooler on the hottest days in the summer, I have it set up and vented through wall in my hallway which is central in my 3 bed house. I have been using the heat function as the temperature has dropped and its coping with heating throughout the house, the only downside is the fan noise but you soon get used to it. Overall a good quality product at a sensible price would definitely recommend.

    Paul white (verified owner)

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