What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Switch/Maestro, Solo, Delta, Personal Cheques and Direct Bank Transfer into our account. At this time we do not accept American Express. Please note we only ship out orders once payment has cleared. You can make your payment over the internet or over the telephone by phoning our Sales Department on 01273 803820

What are your Delivery Options?

Please see our Delivery Information Page for everything you need to know about delivery options / timescales

I see your Portable Air Conditioners feature ‘Self Evaporative Technology’ does this mean I wont have to empty a water tank? How much water is created and how often will I have to empty the water tank?

All Air Conditioning Systems create water and this includes all Portable Air Conditioners. All water created by a Portable Air Conditioner is collected in an internal water tank. With standard portable air conditioners once the tank is full an alarm will sound and you will have to manually empty the water tank.

‘Self Evaporative Technology’ means that the water collected in the internal water tank is pumped internally over the condensor (which is hot in air conditioning mode) to aid in the cooling process and achieve cheaper running costs. Since the water is being pumped over the hot condensor the water evaporates (cold water over a hot surface evaporates) – hence ‘Self Evaporative Technology’.

Unfortunately since the amount of water created by a portable air conditioner depends on how hot the current temperature is and the humidity levels you can never say how much water is actually created. It is inevitable that on hot humid days the amount of water created is so much that the unit cant evaporate the water quick enough and so the water tank will fill up and the alarm will sound for you to empty the internal water tank.

‘Self Evaporative Technology’ will evaporate approx 75% of the water created so instead of emptying a water tank say 4 times a day (possible during the hottest days in Summer with portables without this technology) you will find that you probably only have to empty the water tank once a day although this isnt certain as it also depends on the humidity levels.

Please note that this entire process occurs internally and no touchable parts i.e the outer casing of the Portable Air Conditioner get hot. All condensors on all Portable Air Conditioners get hot by the way they work – this new technology simply makes use of it.

How cold can your Portable Air Conditioner make my room?

A correctly sized Portable Air Conditioning System is designed to reduce the room temperature by approx 4 degrees to that of the outside ambient temperature. So on a day when the outside ambient temperature is 30 degrees you can expect the room to be approx 25/26 degrees. Whilst this may sound quite hot your body actually climatises itself to the outside ambient temperature (30 degrees) and when you walk into a room which is approx 4 degrees cooler you immediately feel the difference and this temperature of 25/26 degrees is very comfortable.

It is the same when the outside ambient temperature is 24 degrees as the room will be approx 20 degrees. This is why it is important to purchase the right sized portable air conditioner as an under powered unit will not achieve this difference in temperatures. You should note that if you make the temperature much cooler than approx 4 degrees the room temperature actually feels uncomfortable and too cold. If however you do wish to make the room temperature cooler you should purchase a more powerful portable air conditioner as this will achieve cooler temperatures.

What warranty do your Portable Air Conditioners come with?

Our PAC12H, PAC15H & PAC18H models all come with a fully inclusive 12 months parts & labour warranty, any problems during the first 12months please email us at sales@climachill.co.uk and we will remedy the fault.

Please keep the packaging for this period – its specifically designed for the machine, if during the first 12 months your unit needs to be returned to us for repair then our courier wont insure it on its return journey if its not in the original packaging – as such any damage incurred on its return journey would be liable to you the customer.  Of course you could arrange for it to be shipped with your own courier with your own insurance if you wanted to.

Unlike our competitors, after 12months we will continue to support our customers with spare parts availability, if during years 2 or 3 you suffer a parts breakdown (other than the compressor) then we will ship you the new part needed to fix the machine free of charge.  We have had these machines designed so that they are easy to service, changing parts is a straightforward DIY task which of course we will fully explain what needs to be done.

If your thinking of purchasing from a competitor ask them about spare parts availability (chances are they cant supply them), we hold in our own warehouse spare parts for machines we have been selling for the past 10yrs – this is where Climachill differ from other internet sellers of portable air conditioners –  we are an Air Conditioning Company whom employ Air Conditioning Engineers and hold spare parts if a machine needs them – to our knowledge no-one else offers this!