Spare Exhaust Hose – 1.5 metre (152mm)

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EXHAUST HOSE 1.5m (152mm)

Only suitable for the following models = PAC12/15/18H & PAC12/15/18J* & PAC12K

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Complete with every Climachill Portable Air Conditioner is an exhaust hose which is 1.5 metres long. To make this exhaust hose longer you can purchase an additional exhaust hose which is also 1.5 metres long and by connecting the 2 together you can have an exhaust hose length of 3 metres. Please note that there is no connector which connects the 2 hoses together and we recommend the usage of clear/white gaffa tape in order to tape the 2 hoses together. Or you can purchase 1x length of a 3metre exhaust hose so you don’t have to tape any hoses together, for the 3x metre hose click here

* Note for PAC15/18J – Please check if your hose outlet is 152mm, if your hose outlet is larger you will also need to order the Hose Machine connector to connect this hose to your machine Spare Hose Machine Connectors (PAC 12/15/18 J Series) | Climachill

Spare Exhaust Hose – 1.5 metre (152mm)

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