What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioning/Heater To?

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There are 2x modes which allow a temperature set point to be made, cooling mode and heating mode.

The answer to this question is that there is no answer – everyone is different and will therefore like a different temperature, from our experience the general norm setting in cooling & heating mode is around 22C.

Setting Air Conditioning Temperature

Setting your Air Conditioner lower than 21C in cooling mode is normally regarded as too cold and is generally a waste of electric in trying to cool the room this cold, likewise trying to heat a room to higher than 24C is generally a waste of electric – most people set their home thermostat to approx 22C so you should set your Air Conditioner to the same temperature.

You shouldn’t set the Air Conditioner to the lowest cooling setting (generally 18C) – this is far too cold for an office environment and likewise you shouldn’t set the temperature to 30C in heating mode, both of these simply waste electric.

Keep Cool in the Office

Temperature set points can cause arguments within an office environment; we have found that men generally like the temperature lower compared to women, we have one customer whom has a mixed office and on a service visit we found that the women had all moved to one end of the office whilst the men had all moved to the other end of the office, the office had 2x air conditioner units and they found this way the men & women each had their own system – a tad extreme but nonetheless solved the office bickering.

In summary we would recommend a temperature set point of approx 22C.

Do I Need Air Conditioning

portable air conditioning For many decades now, air conditioning has been at the forefront of providing us with a more comfortable interior ‘climate’. This has enabled our homes and businesses to thrive in conditions that would otherwise prove difficult to work in effectively.

If you are wondering whether you need air conditioning, you should first try and gauge the effort you spend making your environment comfortable. Do you often have to open your windows to create more airflow? Do you open doors for the same reason? Do you need to have fans switched on to cool the room? If you do for prolonged amounts of time, then perhaps it would be beneficial to get air conditioning, especially if you have to spend a lot of time in these surroundings.

If you run a business and have employees working for you, then air conditioning can provide the perfect environment to work to their potential. If the air is stiflingly hot, humid or even if it’s freezing cold; air conditioning can come to the rescue.

The beauty of having air conditioning is that it is so easy to manage. Nowadays, the systems can be remotely controlled or even timed to switch on at certain temperatures, meaning that your indoor climate is simple to operate and maintain.

You may think that air conditioning is only suitable for countries along the equator, but this is not the case. As summers seem to be heating up year on year, just a few weeks of intense heat can affect many facets of daily life, from tiredness, to stress, right through to illness such as heat exhaustion. If you own a shop, then customers would definitely spend less time in a muggy, un-air conditioned space, than one that is. Staff members too, will soon begin to feel the heat and pressure and this affects productivity.

Air Conditioning for Heating

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It isn’t as well known, but air conditioning can heat up, just as well as cool down rooms, so it is well worth factoring this into any decision. You may choose to heat your property with the air conditioning, rather than using up the gas central heating. This all purpose functionality is what makes air conditioning a truly great option. Couple this with a dramatic fall in price of air conditioning units, an increase in technological advancements and a whole array of new designs, including portable models and the answer to your problems seems easier than ever.