Server Room Air Conditioning – Backup Systems

Why is Server Room Air Conditioning Important? A Server Room is quite possibly the most important room within a company, nowadays all of the pc’s, telephones, cctv & access control systems are all controlled from this room, its such a critical room that failure of a server room can result in the temporary shutdown of a company, an […]

Welcome to our new website!

Climachill are proud to welcome all our new and existing customers to our brand new website and blog. As a locally based business dedicated to providing first class air conditioning units and portable air conditioning, we understand how important it is to stay up to date in the technological world. We hope to bring you […]

Health Concerns and the benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning has, in the past, struggled to shake off a slightly negative image. This was due to energy consumption, but what many people fail to realise is, that times have moved on in the last few years. Old stigmas are hard to shake, but air conditioning designs are actually beneficial for us is many […]

What are the advantages of air conditioning in the work place

Air conditioning has been around for more than half a century and has been a frequent saviour to many a household and business. However, it still sometimes gets a negative reputation, based mainly on the amount of electricity used to run them. In recent years, great lengths have gone in to making air conditioning units […]

Air Conditioner taking longer to heat the office in Winter

Why is the Air Conditioner taking longer to heat the office in Winter? To answer this question you need to understand how an air conditioner works, an air conditioner moves heat from one place to another – as simple as that, this is why they are also referred to as ‘heat pumps’. When you set […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

What a problem to have, your air conditioning is not blowing out cold air! Reason 1 – User Error If your air Conditioner not blowing cold air, first of all check that you have set the system to ‘cooling’ mode, this is normally the snowflake symbol on the controller, if its on the ‘snowflake’ symbol […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking water?

Air Conditioning Indoor units when operated in ‘cooling mode’ create water, this water is collected into an indoor unit drain pan and is then either gravity fed away or is pumped away, if your indoor unit is leaking water something has gone wrong. Reason 1 – Bad Installation of Indoor Unit Is your indoor unit […]

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioning/Heater To?

There are 2x modes which allow a temperature set point to be made, cooling mode and heating mode. The answer to this question is that there is no answer – everyone is different and will therefore like a different temperature, from our experience the general norm setting in cooling & heating mode is around 22C. […]

Do I Need Air Conditioning

For many decades now, air conditioning has been at the forefront of providing us with a more comfortable interior ‘climate’. This has enabled our homes and businesses to thrive in conditions that would otherwise prove difficult to work in effectively. If you are wondering whether you need air conditioning, you should first try and gauge […]

Air Conditioning In The Workplace

The Dangers of Excessive Heat in the Workplace In the summer months, when the temperatures soar for a short while, there can be some very real consequences attributed to by excessive heat in the workplace. Over exposure to extended periods of hot weather can increase the risk of a sizeable amount of heat related illness. […]