Energy Efficient Heating

Did you know that all Air Conditioning Systems installed by Climachill offer Energy Efficient Heating?heat-pump-icon In order to understand why you have to understand how an Air Conditioning System works: An Air Conditioning System simply moves heat from one place to another place. There are two parts to an installed air conditioning system; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These two units are connecting together by copper pipes which carry refrigerant. When the system is run in Air Conditioning mode the refrigerant flows through the indoor unit absorbing the heat in the room, this heat is then carried to the outdoor unit where it is dispersed into the surrounding air, this continues as a cycle until the heat in the room is removed and the room is now Air Conditioned.

Heat Pump Technology means that this system can be run in reverse. So when the system is run in Heating Mode the refrigerant flows the opposite way so it absorbs free heat from the outdoor unit and transfers it to the indoor unit where it is dispersed into the room thus providing efficient heating to the room. No matter how cold it is outside there is still always some heat energy and refrigerant is able to absorb this heat energy even when it is -10C outside.So you can now see that all that is happening is heat transfer from one place to another in order to provide Air Conditioning or Heating.

There is no burning of fossil fuels to provide the heating in the Winter the system simply moves the free heat which is outside to inside to provide the heating. Due to this the system is extremely energy efficient. For standard heating you typically have to input 1kw of electrical power in order to receive 1kw of heating into the room, with this Heat Pump Technology you input 1kw f electrical energy but you actually receive approximately 4kw of heating into the room so this method f heating is on average 4 x more efficient and 4 x cheaper to run; after all you are only paying for 1kw of electric power in order to receive 4kw of heating!

The government is constantly pushing energy efficiency in order to reduce our Carbon Footprint and because of this technology the government allows us to charge only 5% vat for domestic customers as an incentive to have this technology installed. There is no doubt that if you want Energy Efficient Heating hen you should seriously consider having an Air Conditioning System installed by Climachill with the added bonus of being cool in the Summer!

Climachill only install Air Conditioning Systems which have this Heat Pump Technology so you can be assured that when it comes to Winter you will have an Energy Efficient method of heating you room whilst also reducing your Carbon Footprint.

The ECA Scheme

eca schemeUnder the Governments Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme a company can enjoy financial reward by installing air conditioning systems that qualify for the ECA scheme. A company that makes a trading profit for that financial year will be able to claim 100% of the cost of the air conditioning equipment and installation from their tax. A wide selection of qualifying air conditioning equipment is available from all established manufacturer’s such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu and Daikin.

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