Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat-Recovery-diagramVentilation in offices is required in order to remove stale air and to replace it with fresh air.  Stale air has less Oxygen in it and more CO2, it is desirable to remove this air so that staff are breathing in ‘fresh air’ which is Oxygen rich, this will keep staff alert and more productive (a major cause of productivity reducing in an office throughout the day is the increased CO2 levels).

The Old Way

A problem with traditional ventilation systems is that the air it provides into an office environment will be the same temperature as the outside ambient air, so in Winter the ventilation system is bringing in cold air into the office and in the Summer it is providing warm air into the office – far from ideal!

To combat this Climachill can install a Heat Recovery Fresh Air Ventilation System which recovers heat energy which would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere, In Winter this energy is then used to warm the air entering the building and in Summer this energy is used to partially cool the air entering the building.  Capturing this waste energy, means the heating/cooling requirements of the building are reduced, so smaller size plant can be selected, savings can therefore be made in long term energy consumption, and carbon emissions are reduced

For New Builds Part L2 (April 2006) Building Regulations limit the amount of electrical/gas power to be used to provide heating or cooling in commercial buildings.  Therefore the building designer needs to select energy efficient heating/cooling equipment, and to minimise energy losses through ventilation systems.  The inclusion of a Heat Recovery Fresh Air Ventilation System in the building design, will reduce the total amount of carbon emissions.

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