Portable Air Conditioners – The World’s Hottest Places

Portable air conditioners and air con units are heavily relied upon in the world’s hottest locations.

The future is hot

It is fair to assume the world’s hottest locations include places like the Australian outback, Sahara desert and African plains, and if you are a tourist visiting any of these places, you’d be relieved to discover portable air conditioners in your hotel, tent or safari hut. But although the UK can’t match such hotspots, it seems 2007 may be the hottest year on record, and the future could be not only bright, but glaringly hot.

Portable air conditioners help comfort levels

2007 in fact could be the hottest year since records began around 150 years ago, which could point to worrying evidence that global warming is beginning to have a big impact. Portable air conditioners may help make us more comfortable but many environmentalists predict doom and gloom for the future.

Global trends

The rise in temperatures is a global trend and back in 2001 the Met Office expressed concerns that the average global temperature had risen over 0.6 degrees Celsius in the past hundred years. It’s no wonder then that technology has evolved to create more energy efficient, environmentally friendly portable air conditioners and some environmentalists are even looking at using solar power to run air con units.

Texas relies on portable air conditioners and air con units

Weather has become more unpredictable in the UK over recent years with flash flooding and an increase in the number of tornados. Over in America, the hottest year on record in Texas was in 2006 when temperatures peaked at 100F and higher and many regions were plagued by drought. In the Dallas-Forth Worth region 13 of the first 14 days of August were over 100F, a temperature that is unbearable without portable air conditioners, fans and air con units. The Weather Service issued a ‘heat advisory’ warning as a result.

Australia bakes under sun

Down under in Australia, New Year’s Day was also the hottest on record for Sydney in 2006 with the average temperature at 22.89C – the highest since records began in Australia in 1910. 2005 was the hottest year on record, and portable air conditioners went into overdrive, prompting fears that global warming was in full swing.

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