Portable Air Conditioners – A world without Air Con

It’s hard to imagine a world without air con units or portable air conditioners.

Advances in air conditioning

What would the world do without portable air conditioners, industrial air con units and even air con in our cars? In many parts of the world, air con is a vital ingredient to their summertime, and coping without it is unimaginable. The world has had some unpleasant reminders of how heat can strike you down – being trapped in London’s underground for example without any portable air conditioners or air con units of any kind can result in heatstroke in extreme cases and common bouts of fainting across the tube network. Not all places have managed to afford, adopt or use air conditioning despite advances in technology and the affordability of portable air conditioners.

Importance of portable air conditioners

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has highlighted the importance of portable air conditioners for army troops in sweltering tents. The protective army clothing and gear on top of a lack of portable air conditioning can be detrimental to their health and vitality at a time when both of those things need to be at their peak.

American history

In America, books have been written about the marvels of air con. Without air conditioning in offices and portable air conditioners in domestic homes, the South could have remained uninhabitable and George W Bush may never have emerged to become President! It may sound extreme, but American history, economics and politics have literally been built as a result of the invention of air conditioning which has spawned a vast array of chilled air products to suit every demand – from industrial units to portable air conditioners.

Anniversary of industrial air conditioner

In 2002, America celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the first industrial air conditioner and recognised that it truly revolutionized American society and culture. Not only did it impact on increased productivity in factories, it helped the economy in other ways too by have cool shopping malls to entice shoppers and movie theatres that became chilled refuges on hot days. Portable air conditioners and industrial air con units meant people could choose where to build bubble environments, regardless of how hot nature could be. The invention has impacted on work, culture and social life on every level imaginable.

Britain could rely on air con too

And as global warming begins to take its sticky grip on the world, even traditionally cold countries such as Britain could end up relying on industrial air conditioning units and portable air conditioners as much as their American counterparts.

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