Portable Air Conditioning – World Weather Extremes

There are countless reports of troubles caused by the weather as people all over the world try and keep cool doing everything from investing in portable air conditioning to sleeping outside.

Portable air conditioning – unseasonable demand

Already in 2007 there have been reports of soaring temperatures across the world. Even in the UK spring briefly turned into summer as unseasonably high temperatures saw every white van driver take off their t-shirts. Portable air conditioning units were in unseasonable demand and queues for ice-cream cones stretched for miles.

India stifles in heat

But over in India, temperatures reached a stifling 50C resulting in deaths from heatstroke. Although officials from the Indian government advised the population on how to avoid heatstroke, even those who had portable air conditioning units or air con installed in their homes resorted to sleeping outside when power outages stopped them working.

Winter heatwaves in Bulgaria

And although temperatures are expected to soar in tropical countries such as India, the colder land of Bulgaria experienced a mid-winter heatwave this year too. The BBC reported that Bulgaria was experiencing a ‘winter heatwave’ with temperatures reaching 20 degrees above the expected average for January. Many Brits are buying investment property in Bulgaria and unseasonably hot weather could be good for those who have holiday apartments by the beach equipped with portable air conditioning and mod cons. But for those who have bought in the popular ski resorts, rising temperatures could result in less than ideal winter sport conditions.

Surprising weather

The unseasonable and often surprising soaring temperatures can leave many ill-prepared. Many people don’t consider investing in portable air conditioning units when they are expecting to be wrapping up in their woolly cardigans. But meteorologists in Bulgaria expressed their surprise as January looked like it was the warmest the county had experienced in a century.

Portable air conditioning and sun loungers

2006 was notoriously bad for extreme heat across the world, and it looks as if 2007 and 2008 could follow suit. In the Greek region of Halkidiki last year, holidaymakers got more than the usual dose of sun they were hoping for when one hotel was ravaged by fast moving forest fires. Thousands were evacuated onto the beaches. Sleeping in makeshift tents on the beach could be made bearable with portable air conditioning units, but sun loungers are no match for a real mattress! The fires were a result of the very dry, hot weather that gripped southeast Europe last year.

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