Portable Air Conditioning Hero – Willis H Carrier

Portable air conditioning has changed lives for millions of people on the planet, giving us something to turn to when the summer heat turns on.

When the heat is on, so are our portable air conditioning units. How did people on earth cope before a cool-headed clever clogs, better known as Willis H Carrier solved the problem for his fellow Americans who were feeling a little hot around the collar?

Willis H Carrier should be an international hero for inventing the very first models of installed and portable air conditioning systems that we all use today. The very first concept of air conditioning is known to have been tried and tested in Ancient Rome. Circulating aqueduct water through the walls of houses, the Romans had discovered a brilliant way to cool their buildings – but it was Willis Haviland Carrier from New York who put ancient ideas to modern use in 1902.

The Technology Behind Portable Air Conditioning

When we turn on the portable air conditioning unit for some cooling relief in the hot summer months, we have Willis H Carrier to thank.

Willis H Carrier is the man who figured out the way to compress and pump gases to keep us cool when a heatwave leaves the world feeling helpless. In search of the best way to keep our bodies cool and safe, there had been many inventions since the Roman times , including a rotary fan used by the Chinese. But it was Willis and his ability to amalgamate concepts with modern invention that created the very first large-scale electrical air conditioning. Since 1902, air conditioners have come a long way and today we have the phenomenon of portable air conditioning.

Portable air conditioning is the contemporary solution to hazardous heat, bringing us a safe and convenient way to cool our homes without burning a hole in our pockets.

Portable Air Conditioning Today

In the UK, air conditioning systems are installed in most shopping centres, office buildings, cinemas and even in our cars. As technology improves, the demand for portable air conditioning units have increased a great deal and consumers now seek both cost effective pricing and convenience. The arrival of portable air conditioning can meet both these demands.

Today, both families and commercial companies use portable air conditioning to keep their environment cool and safe from the damaging heat, as health officials have recently warned.

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