Portable Air Conditioners in Demand as UK hits Record Temperatures

As temperatures peak across Britain, demand for portable air conditioners is on the increase.

Portable air conditioners rise in demand

Incredibly temperatures reached 26C in Sussex in April. It’s unseasonably hot, in fact around ten degrees above average. Although temperatures fell back down quickly to normal levels for April meteorologist expect that this kind of unexpected heatwave will be more common thanks to the changes in the world’s climate. As a result the UK could fast be following America’s romance with air con and sales of portable air conditioners and air con units could boom.

Using portable air conditioners to cope

Although the April high was ten degrees above average, the all time April high has reached 29.4C in the past. For many, it’s a welcome blast of sun after months of grey winter months, but when temperatures become persistently hot it can become unbearable. Portable air conditioners in small offices, court rooms, shops and in domestic homes could be a way to stop being caught out by unexpected heatwaves.

Record breaking temperatures

The last time Britain experienced high April temperatures was in 2003 when Europe suffered record summer temperatures. But many predict that such sweltering summers will be far more frequent and longer as a result of global warming. Portable air conditioners should be installed in more homes if the Brits are expected to cope with the extreme temperatures.

Hotter down south

But even when it can reach record temperatures in some parts of the country there can still be extreme variables in other parts. During that April weekend, although it reached 26C in Sussex, Ireland barely managed 18C. It may be that the south that tends to be more susceptible to higher temperatures might experience a shortage of portable air conditioners and fans in the summer months. Places in the British Isles such as the Channel Islands that can reach even higher temperatures may need air con and portable air conditioners more than say Yorkshire. But it’s a general consensus that all of the UK will experience hotter summers over the years as a result of global warming.

Global demand for portable air conditioners, air con and fans

The Met Office has already predicted that 2007 has a 60% chance of being the hottest year worldwide on record. The last record was reached in 1998. If that’s the case, sales of air con, portable air conditioners and fans could peak across the globe as a result. Ladbrokes has even put three to one odds on the chances of temperatures breaking the 100F mark this year.

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