Portable Air Conditioning – Top Tips on Coping with Heat Waves

Heat waves have hit the UK, notably in 2003 and 2006, and 2007 looks as if we can expect more of the same – portable air conditioning, drinking plenty of fluids and loose clothing are just some of the top tips to keep cool.

Portable air conditioning, bottled water and fans

Every time a heat wave hits the British shores, the media go into overdrive on analysing heat related facts and figures and sharing tips on how to cope with the scorching heat. In August, 2003, it was the hot topic on everyone’s lips. Portable air conditioning units, portable fans and sales of bottled water went through the roof. And some interesting hot topics were discussed:

” The Daily Mail said that if temperatures rose to 100°F, golf balls would travel a further 5% distance
” The Forth Rail Bridge would expand in such heat to reach an extended length of a further eight inches
” The Daily Telegraph reported that some parts of the M25 melted in the heat and that the London Eye closed various pods that became too hot
” Even court cases had to be adjourned as the heat in the court rooms was too much to bear
” Absenteeism at work cost an estimated £10 million a day to employees as the heat kept them at home

Portable air conditioning is best way to stay cool

Perhaps it shows just how bad the UK is at coping with heat. Portable air conditioning is common-place in hotter countries, and one of the best ways to cope. Here are some top tips for dealing with soaring temperatures:

” Remember heat can kill – do not take it lightly, it is worth investing in portable air conditioning units at home, especially if you are classed as vulnerable, i.e. the elderly, children or the ill.
” Drink plenty of water and avoid drinks that dehydrate, especially alcohol and caffeine
” Avoid strenuous activity
” Take cool showers to keep your body temperature down
” Always avoid the sun mid-day and ensure you have a high factor sun block on
” Don’t forget your pets! If you don’t have portable air conditioning in your home, make sure they are not left in the sun outdoors or in cars for long periods and always ensure plenty of water is available.

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