Portable Air Conditioning – Top Five Hotspots

When it comes to portable air conditioning, there are some places that are crying out for a cooling off.

We’ve all experienced it, that claustrophobic overwhelming sense of stuffiness when it is so stifling you’re left delirious dreaming of cold showers and winter scenes. Even copious amounts of ice cold water can’t help. Here are five scenarios where the only solution is portable air conditioning of some kind.

1. The Tube / Public Transport

It’s so humid, the air is thick. The plastic seating (if you’re lucky enough to get one) sticks to your trousers and grease seems to drip from the hand rails. The air fills with other bodies sweat mixed in with pollution. It’s just crying out for a portable air conditioning or air con system. No wonder people need hypnotherapy to deal with claustrophobia and fear of enclosed public spaces. Power cuts on the London tube or breakdowns have to be every Londoner’s worst nightmare in the summertime. In 2000, over 2,000 commuters were trapped in three sweltering rush hour tube trains for over two hours. Because there was no portable air conditioning or proper ventilation systems in use, 13 victims were treated for heat stress, hyperventilation and shock.

2. The Theatre

You’ve paid a fortune for the ticket to see a fantastic show, but the theatre has no portable air conditioning units or air con systems. Many theatres are Victorian buildings that haven’t been modernised and as a result, what should be an enjoyable night out can become a night in hell as the mass of people all add to the rising temperature. If you’re claustrophobic or prone to panic attacks and fainting it’s enough to give you a lifelong phobia of theatres. And yet even small theatres that are struggling financially can invest in affordable portable air conditioning units.

3. Your Bedroom

It’s okay in the winter months, snuggling up under the duvet but when August kicks in along with the hike in temperature as a result of global warming, it can become impossible to sleep. Opening windows isn’t always an option, especially if you’re plagued by mosquitoes. So your left with two options – keep the windows close and have a restless night, or invest in a portable air conditioning unit.

4. The Office

Unlike being at home, you can’t pop out for a blast of air or have a cold shower to cool down. In the height of summer being in the office can feel like being stuck in the most miserable place on the planet – and that’s before you start work! Overwhelming heat in offices can be unbearable and unproductive to work, but it can be easily solved with a portable air conditioning unit.

5. The Car (in a traffic jam!)

Like the billion other people at the weekend, you’ve hopped in your car to head to the beach to enjoy the hot weather. But you end up in the inevitable traffic jam. An open window only wafts in pollution from the other cars and you end up melting under the windscreen. If you haven’t got some sort of portable air conditioning in your car, you’re better off staying at home.

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