Portable Air Conditioning – Too Hot for Comfort

Getting a good night’s sleep can feel as challenging as searching for the Holy Grail, but did you know that being too hot can keep you awake? Portable air conditioning could be the solution.

Sleep is crucial to our health, our mental well being and our energy levels. Anyone who has struggled with disrupted sleep knows how damaging it can be. Poor sleep has statistically been linked to an increased risk of accidents – at work and on the road. And being too hot is one of the leading reasons why we spend the night tossing and turning. Portable air conditioning can be the solution.

Trouble Sleeping in Summer Months: Try Portable Air Conditioning

It might make sense to open the window but research shows that the increasing wet, warm, summers in Britain have left the nation with a mosquito explosion. The prevalence of the little critters means you end up with a nightly battle: too hot, or tormented by buzzing. Portable air conditioning offers an answer – you can keep the windows closed while getting the optimum temperature in your bedroom – setting you up for a good night’s sleep.

Chill the Room: Keep the Critters Out

Many parts of the world are more prone to heat waves, and the UK is expected to become increasingly vulnerable. Unlike many European countries, Britain is completely unprepared for hot weather. Portable air conditioning sales are expected to soar when the summers become hotter and longer. There is an ideal room temperature for a good night’s sleep. When it gets too hot, it becomes harder to fall asleep and even when you are asleep, you are prone to disrupted and fragmented sleep patterns. Portable air conditioning means on particularly hot nights you have an escape route – to chill the room without having to open the window to unwanted night critters.

Too Hot, Too Cold – Britons Complain

According to recent statistics, Britons sleep badly 6.5 nights of the month, or 13 years of broken sleep over a lifetime. 90% of those surveyed blamed temperature for their poor sleep, with two out of three being too hot. As well as insects, some people keep their windows shut and locked because of security fears – portable air conditioning is the best way to improve the quality of your sleep, which will have a massive impact on your overall well being.

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