Portable Air Conditioning – The Way Forward

As the weather heats up, there’s only one way forward – portable air conditioning.

Invest in portable air conditioning

In 2003 a heatwave killed 27,000 people in northwest Europe. It’s an incredible figure, and a blunt warning that heat should not be taken lightly. It’s especially more pertinent for the UK where hot weather is seen as a godsend after the long grey winter months. If you’re ill prepared to cope, you could suffer from sunstroke, heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration. Don’t become a victim, invest in portable air conditioning.

Adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle

Global warming and climate change is linked to the recent high temperatures across Europe and the rest of the world. It’s estimated by some environmentalists that by 2040, extreme high temperatures will be considered normal. That means as a nation, we need to become better equipped to cope with heat. Some experts have recommended new build houses are built to a Mediterranean style, including flat roofs and tile flooring to help keep homes cool. Portable air conditioning is also another way of ensuring your home is a comfortable escape from scorching temperatures.

Desperate for portable air conditioning

If you are one of those people who shrug off hot summers as being enjoyable, or are looking forward to long glasses of gin and tonics in the sun, you should be wary. The impact on the British infrastructure was clear in the heatwave of 2003 where people were desperate to get their hands on portable air conditioning and cooling fans.

Some examples of how Britain was affected in 2003:

” Network Rail had to impose heat related speed restrictions to ensure rail safety
” The Department of Health issued survival tips for dealing with the sun to avoid heat related illnesses
” Sales in key summer goods, such as portable air conditioning, barbecue food, lettuces and sun cream rocketed – an increase of up to 800% on some goods
” Swimming pools, portable air conditioning units and fan sales increased one weekend up to 200%

Be environmentally friendly

Even the enjoyable summer activities like barbecues contributed to the problem as the National Society for Clean Air said poor air quality increased as a result of BBQ smoke. If you are thinking of buying portable air conditioning units, it’s important to invest in the up to date models that are environmentally friendly!

It’s important to invest in portable air conditioning or permanent air con systems. The NHS reported a higher number of strokes and cardiac patients during the heatwave in 2003, as well as an increase in asthma admissions. This was blamed on persistent high temperatures day and night that have a cumulative impact on health. Portable air conditioning units are one way of giving your body a break from persistent heat.

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