Portable Air Conditioners – Stop Excessive Sweating!

Under-arm sweating is too often joked about and a person who has excessive B.O is sometimes ridiculed, but Hyperhidrosis is a serious condition and portable air conditioners can help to prevent it……..

Everybody sweats – it is a normal and necessary function of the human body. But some people can experience excessive sweating and this is can be diagnosed as Hyperhidrosis. Severe cases of excessive sweating can occur for no obvious reason and can sometimes be impossible to stop. Hyperhidrosis sufferers will have tried and tested pretty much every single antiperspirant and deodorant on the market – nothing seems to work. Hyperhidrosis is significantly worse in the summer and a portable air conditioner could help you keep cool during the hot season.

Some forms of excessive sweating have physiological and pathological attributions. This is known as Diaphoresis. This is a less common form of Hyperhidrosis, and although it is triggered by things such as stress, anxiety and difficult social situations, extreme heat can encourage these triggers. Keeping cool with a portable air conditioning unit can not guarantee to stop excessive sweating, but it can help you reduce the risk of it happening. If you are likely to sweat at work and your company does not have an air conditioning system in place, you can always make a suggestion for small portable air conditioners. A portable air conditioner is cost-effective to buy, efficient to run, easy to use and requires little to no maintenance.

Don’t Sweat – Portable Air Conditioners to the Rescue!

Hyperhidrosis is said to be diagnosed in more than 1% of the nation, but some may be unaware that they have this condition. In most cases it is conditional, as a result of hot weather, strenuous exercise, social phobia and anxiety. In all cases, there will be an increase in body temperature so a portable air conditioner at home or in the workplace can be the ultimate cooling solution. Reducing the body temperature will send signals to the brain and the central nervous system, which controls the amount of perspiration produced by the body’s sweat glands.

Because the Hyperhidrosis condition is not widely acknowledged, others may find it difficult to understand what is happening. Hyperhidrosis not only causes excessive sweating, but it could cause sweaty feet, chafing, sweat rash, body odour and sweaty palms. There are a number of ways to help reduce these effects including aluminium chloride antiperspirant, strong underarm roll-on products, prescription drugs, Iontophoresis electrical treatment and Botox injections. There is also an option for surgery but if you don’t want a cupboard full of products or a face full of needles then a portable air conditioner could just do the trick – the natural way.

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