Portable Air Conditioner – The Saviour of Church Artwork

Valuable church artwork is being damaged by poor air quality, could a portable air conditioner be the answer?

Portable air conditioner would regulate humidity

Research has shown that valuable church artworks are at risk of deterioration as a result of poor air quality. Scientists are recommending that this is controlled using a portable air conditioner or air conditioning systems to help regulate temperature and humidity.

Affordable portable air conditioner could be answer

Poor air from lighting candles, burning incense, visitor’s breath and cleaners and polishers all contribute to damaging valuable church artwork according to research by scientists in two churches in Cyprus. Poor environmental conditions however can be combated by investing in air con, and although not all churches can afford a full air conditioning system, it’s possible to buy an affordable, efficient and highly effective portable air conditioner.

Churches often house a wealth of treasures including:

” Frescos
” Icons
” Textiles
” Books
” Silver

Lack of portable air conditioner

The lack of a portable air conditioner means these items are particularly at risk according to the research by Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. The poor air quality is caused by temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and ozone. And it isn’t just the hot countries like Greece that are at risk where perhaps investing in a portable air conditioner would be more likely. In Britain, damp from the cold winters also adds to the problem of poor air, and a portable air conditioner can be used to regulate heat and cold air to help conquer the problem.

So what are the primary pollutants that necessitate a portable air conditioner to help protect artwork?

” The increase in car use and car fumes in the air near to the church create high ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels that can be damaging
” Burning candles and incense
” Weather conditions such as humidity and damp
” In Britain bat urine is a big problem, it can bleach paintings
” Visitors to churches – organic compounds in human breath can damage air quality

Pollutants eat art work

Pollutants over time eat into the art work, and investing in a portable air conditioner is one way of helping to control this deterioration. Nitrogen oxide and ozone cause colours to fade. Although the research was carried out in Cypriot churches, the problem of poor air quality in churches is a global one. Investing in a portable air conditioner should be on the top of the list of every church congregation to help preserve precious artwork and artefacts.

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