Portable Air Conditioners Revolutionized America

America has embraced all kinds of chilled air con products from industrial units to portable air conditioners.

In most places across America there comes a time when the heat turns into a wall of humidity that makes functioning hard work. Humidity can cause tiredness and lethargy and impact on your spirit leaving you feeling damp and dishevelled. It’s no wonder then that air con systems such as portable air conditioners are practically a way of life.

Air conditioning – A History

It’s clear than that air conditioning has shaped America in more ways than just keeping its people cool – it’s made cities habitable, attracted businesses and transformed society. Marsha Ackermann is an author who has written an account of the importance of air con: “Cool Comfort: America’s Romance with Air Conditioning”.

Portable Air Conditioners – A Must Have Product

The US has embraced air con units and portable air conditioners with a vengeance – everywhere from the local shop, local business and office and the cinemas and theatres have some sort of air con system that will leave you feeling cool and calm. Even the majority of homes have portable air conditioners or air con installed.

Portable Air Conditioners and Air Con Advances in Society

Often the British lament the chilly atmosphere of air con when they visit the States but come August they’re thanking the lord for the miracle that is the portable air conditioner. Air con has made life comfortable and impacted on the economy and even politics of America. The American south with its sub-tropical climate could never have seen the business boom it experienced without the advances in air con and portable air conditioners to make the environment liveable and workable.

Air con boom and the American South

Cities like Atlanta and Miami would not be as viable centres of business, commerce and tourism without the resource of air con. The South’s population has boomed thanks to the availability of air con and affordability of portable air conditioners for domestic use – now almost a half of Americans live in the South.

Technical advances in portable air conditioners

Historians have noted that the technological advances of air conditioning and portable air conditioners are a triumph of human ingenuity, defying the laws of nature.

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