Portable Air Conditioner – Protect Employees

Too many offices experience unbearable conditions, a portable air conditioner could be the answer.

If you are one of the many employees chained to their desk in the summer heat, you could be at risk. More companies and small offices should think about investing in a portable air conditioner to avoid health and safety risks.

Portable air conditioner – the answer

The TUC warned that workers are at an increased risk of accidents and ill health as they face higher temperatures than ever before. Global warming means that even outside the traditional high summer months, offices can be hit by unexpected over heating. A portable air conditioner is one way of regulating temperature to help employees work safely and to their full potential.

Overheating at work

The TUC in 2003 called for the government to impose a maximum temperature for the workplace – and if it went beyond, workers should be allowed home. Investing in a portable air conditioner is one way of ensuring work production remains uninterrupted from the whims of the weather.

Take temperature seriously – invest in a portable air conditioner

Reed Recruitment deals with a large amount of permanent and temporary staff and they are aware of the problem. Reed suggested that offices that don’t take temperature control into account using air conditioning or a portable air conditioner face an illness dubbed ‘suntanitis’ – where employees simply phone in sick to avoid the office heat.

Work at home

If temperatures plummet and become too cold, workers are protected, so it’s vitally important over-heating is acknowledged in the workplace too. One option is to allow workers to work at home more often in such conditions, something that is more sustainable thanks to advances in the internet and home working. At home, people have the choice to regulate their environments and install their own portable air conditioner.

Cost effective portable air conditioners

Research shows that working in extreme heat as a result of badly ventilated workplaces that won’t spend the money on air con or on a portable air conditioner, can result in injury and ill health. Stress, increased violence and lack of concentration are also associated with working in confined spaces that are allowed to over heat.

Admittedly there are certain professions were exposure to heat is unavoidable, such as chefs and bakers working with hot ovens, but many places of work can handle the heat in a cost effective way. With the advent of the high tech portable air conditioner, there simply is no excuse. Extreme heat can be as dangerous as extreme cold, and sweatshop conditions should be a thing of the past.

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