Portable Air Conditioner – The Power of Smell

A portable air conditioner and ventilation systems can certainly control temperature, but can they harness the power of fragrances too?

Something in the air

It’s become common knowledge that the smell of baking bread and freshly brewed coffee wafting through your home is one of the many tricks of the trade estate agents use to help sell houses. The idea that smells can influence your moods, temperament and thoughts is nothing new. So can a portable air conditioner be used to influence are noses as well as our body temperature?

Portable air conditioner helps distribute fragrance

Odour is a powerful thing, fiction novels such as Perfume show the power of scent and Marcel Proust in Remembrance of Things Past had a floodgate of memories flow as a result of the smell of a French bakery. Neurologists have established that the smell travels through your nose’s senses into the part of the brain that deals with memory and emotion, called the limbic system. It’s no wonder than that some people have jumped onto the idea of using a portable air conditioner to distribute aromas.

Something fishy in the portable air conditioner

Smells then trigger emotions and memories which can have a powerful influence. Back in 2000 when the Millennium Dome was being launched, its designers tapped into the idea of not just having air con or portable air conditioners to gauge temperature, but to distribute aromas too. The Learning Zone at the Dome used a hint of boiled cabbage and stink bombs to try and take people back to their school days. The Viking Museum in York has long used stinky smells to make their exhibits more vivacious. And using a portable air conditioner it’s possible to drop a few tablets of specially designed fragrance to enhance a ‘mood’ in shops.

Fragrances in the portable air conditioner

By dropping a specialised fragrance into a portable air conditioner a company can develop its own distinct odour that becomes part of their ‘brand’. They can also choose fragrances to match particular seasons such as Christmas, festive scents or chocolaty Easter smells to encourage people to get in the right ‘mood’.

Subliminal messages and smell

Marketing analysts say using fragrances in your portable air conditioner can act as a subliminal message to reinforce customer’s images and associations of a shop’s brand image. Using the smell of Christmas pudding or pine trees can certainly trigger fond festive feelings and odour manufacturers can bottle every smell going from that ‘new car’ smell to baking bread. Smells can be powerful tools for sales and strongly influence people’s perceptions.

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