Portable Air Conditioning and Health

Sales of portable air conditioning units could be up as doctors have recommended air con to help people suffering with lung disorders.

Portable air conditioning units in demand

As the weather gets hot, hot, hot, not everybody is enjoying the summer sun. In fact, heat can be stifling and suffocating for people who are suffering with a lung disorder. So much so, that some doctors have recently suggesting prescribing air conditioning as part of a multi-million pound government scheme. As usual when it comes to such schemes not everybody will benefit, and as a result there could be a huge rise in sales of affordable, cost effective portable air conditioning units to make up the short fall.

NHS may pay for air conditioning

The idea that the NHS could pay for air conditioning to be fitted into homes of people with lung disease is welcomed by those who have experienced stifling hot weather and how it can deteriorate their health. But it can be expensive to fit air conditioning systems, for some portable air conditioning units bought from specialist UK air conditioning companies and technicians offer a good solution.

Deprived communities may receive air con

The people who will benefit from the NHS scheme of free air conditioning will be those in deprived areas to help local health services find new ways to prevent ill health in deprived communities. It’s an attempt to reach out to the community to help provide health care rather than leave it to the hospitals. Some may not see the benefits of portable air conditioning units and air conditioning systems, and a few politicians have berated the scheme. Money is tight with the NHS and many believe there simply isn’t the budget for such services, but if you feel you could benefit from air conditioning there are affordable, high quality portable air conditioning units available to buy.

British Lung Foundation welcome air con scheme

Dame Helena Shovelton, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, told the BBC: “Providing air conditioning facilities during hot weather for people with lung disease can be helpful, as can community nursing support, timely weather forecasts and advice on pollution levels.”
If you are concerned about your health or a relative’s health in the impending hot weather, you can buy portable air conditioning units from reputable technicians online.

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