Portable Air Conditioner to the Rescue

When the heat becomes too hot to handle, a portable air conditioner can come to the rescue.

When temperatures surge it can cause havoc. Everybody knows how unbearable it is to be stuck in an office, tube or car when you just feel like you’re melting. In one court case at Leicester Crown Court during one of the recent heatwaves it got so bad that the Judge sent the jury home. The air conditioning system could not cope with the extreme heat and they couldn’t get their hands on portable air conditioner units.

Portable air conditioner units sold out

The temperatures were so sweltering that two trials had to be adjourned, with jurors saying it was impossible to deliberate a verdict in such intolerable heat. It makes sense to have back up systems such as portable air conditioner devices for such times when the main air con breaks down, but the court had no back ups and said the portable air conditioner units were sold out.

Temperature control

When it comes to important jobs such as casting verdicts, it’s necessary that the environment is workable, but temperatures reached a stifling 25C in one of the court rooms. In court two the jurors took matters in their own hand and sent a note to the Judge saying they could not concentrate without air conditioning. As it was in the 80s outdoors, opening windows would have little impact, and the court had been unable to locate any portable air conditioners to rescue the situation.

High demand for portable air conditioner units

One of the solicitors suggested buying a portable air conditioner system as they were available at very cost effective prices. But the court had already looked into portable air conditioner units as an option and found they had sold out.

Portable air conditioner – to the rescue

Portable air conditioner units can come to the rescue during unexpected heatwaves. Another example of those affected by the high temperatures was a small Welsh nursery school. It had to be closed as classrooms became too hot thanks to the old tin and glass annexe the school featured. Meanwhile staff at one hospital ward were reported by unions to be fainting in the heat. Temporary measures such as portable air conditioner units can help, but for major buildings it’s important to install industrial air conditioning units to cope with heatwaves.

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