Portable Air Conditioner – Pandas Breathe Easy

It isn’t just humans who suffer in the heat, a portable air conditioner can be used in zoos, animal sanctuaries and breeding centres to help regulate the environment.

Portable air conditioner protects species

In 2001, giant pandas were close to extinction. They still are but thanks to dedicated breeding centres, the species is being protected. One such place, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in south-west China even invested in air conditioning and portable air conditioner units to help protect the species.

Using portable air conditioner units for climate control

It may seem bizarre as animals live outdoors and therefore the climate tends to be natural to their make-up, but using a portable air conditioner unit can help make animals more comfortable in breeding centres, sanctuaries and zoos. This is particularly true for those animals who are being housed in a country that is not native to their species. A portable air conditioner unit can be used to heat as well as cool an animal’s quarters, and temperature control is important for many animal’s welfare.

Heat causes poor appetite

Before the introduction of air con and portable air conditioner units at the giant panda breeding centre, ice and electric fans were used to help the animals deal with the summer heat. Although giant pandas have evolved to live in a temperate climate, and live in the hotter climate of the plains at high altitude, they suffer from poor appetite and poor health when it gets too hot.

Preserve and protect

In the wild of course, pandas are free to roam and live in mountainous areas where they can find cool spots. But breeding and keeping giant pandas in captivity became important to help preserve and protect the species from extinction, and the majority live in China’s panda research or reserve centres. Helping to create comfortable environments using a portable air conditioner for example is important to their survival.

Giant panda facts:

” Giant pandas born into captivity have a low sex drive and in general they only procreate during a short mating season making it harder to boost their numbers
” Even when they do give birth, survival rates are low with about 60% dying in infancy.
” There are only a thousand or so Giant Pandas left, 80% live in the wild in China’s Sichuan Province.

Considering the difficulties they face in life, the least that can be done is to provide them with a portable air conditioner and comfort against the excessive heat.

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