Overweight Britain Sets High Demand for Portable Air Conditioning Units

People who are overweight are at higher risk from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, making the demand for portable air conditioning units hit an all time high this summer….

Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges we face in the UK today. The British Government is already committed to taking the necessary actions to reverse this, with health campaigns being a major priority for the NHS and UK health officials. But summer has arrived, and now beefy Brits are at high risk from the damaging effects of heat exhaustion. As Britain continues to balloon, the demand for the very affordable and efficient portable air conditioning units rise.

The growing number of obese people in the UK is a harrowing problem within itself. But when the weather is hot, people who are overweight are at high risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration and dizziness. There have already been warnings across the two fattest countries in the world, America and close chubby rivals, Great Britain. Layers of fat make it difficult for the body to dissipate heat. Add in diabetic dehydration and other conditions common in the obese, and the intense humidity of the summer – and it’s a recipe for trouble.

A portable air conditioner could prevent millions of obese men, women and children across the globe from collapsing, suffering heat stroke or even worse – damage to their brain or organs. Very high temperatures can cause fatal damage to the body and that is why we sweat. Sweating is a way to cool our bodies down during intense heat. Overweight people trap in more heat and will appear to sweat more, but when the weather is scorching hot, sweating isn’t always enough. This is particularly problematic when the air is humid as sweat will not evaporate as quickly and this stops our bodies from releasing heat.

Other factors that affects the rate at which the human body releases heat are dehydration, heart disease, diabetes, poor circulation, ill health and certain use of drugs. People who are overweight are likely to have one or all of these ailments so the risk of collapsing from heat is even higher. Almost 1 in 4 adults in England are currently obese, and if we carry on as we are, by 2050, 9 in 10 adults will be overweight or obese. As Britain’s waistlines grow, so does the market for the portable air conditioning unit for homes, care homes and hospitals.

Climachill, Saving Great Britain

The elderly, very young children and people will poor health are also at higher risk this summer. So if you, or someone you know could do with a bit of a chilling, then shop online with Climachill for portable air conditioning that is both affordable and friendly to the environment.

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