Portable Air Conditioner – New York Chaos

In 2003, chaos hit New York after a massive power failure which meant no portable air conditioner or air con units worked on the hottest day of the year.

New York black out

Massive power failures in New York in 2003 hit headlines across the world as the eastern parts of the United States and Canada were plunged into darkness. Major metropolis New York didn’t escape the chaos and for a nation that is so dependent on air conditioning – from major air con systems to portable air conditioner units – the black out caused huge panic.

50 million with no air conditioning

The power cut affected over 50 million people and was the worst in US history. As well as all the air conditioning and portable air conditioner units failing, traffic lights failed, undergrounds were evacuated and people were trapped in lifts in offices and apartments across the country.

No luxury of portable air conditioner

Like any city, New York can be an anonymous place to be, but the power cut meant people came together with community spirit as commuters walked home crowding the pavements and streets. Losing the luxury of portable air conditioner units to control the temperature was a major concern as overheating is associated with increased violence. Temperatures soared to 32C in some areas, and as bad luck would have it the black out occurred on one of the hottest days in the year.

Sleeping on the streets

Some civilians however showed their true colours helping to man the intersections of gridlocked traffic when the traffic lights packed up. Many were unable to reach their homes and had to sleep on the streets.

Unbearable humidity

When you work in offices that are regulated by air con or have a portable air conditioner, hitting the humidity outdoors can be even more unbearable and it was reported that many people ended up fainting everywhere overwhelmed by the heat.

Terrorism not to blame

For tourists at the top of the Empire State building it was a scary experience – they had to walk down the 86 flights of stairs and many had the Twin Towers disaster in the back of their minds. However terrorism wasn’t the problem, the reason all the electricity, traffic lights and portable air conditioner units packed up was because of a power transmission problem in Canada.

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