Portable Air Conditioner – Middle East Relies on Air Con

When temperatures can reach 50C, air conditioning units or a portable air conditioner is top of your shopping list.

Air con and portable air conditioner units are vital

When there was a power cut in Bahrain in 2004, it quickly became apparent how vital all kinds of air conditioning systems are to the country, from industrial air con units to the portable air conditioner in the home, office and car.

Temperatures climbed towards 50C

Although the power cut caused by an electrical fault caused gridlock scenarios as traffic lights failed, it was the inability to turn on the air con that caused the most havoc. The office blocks and smaller buildings and homes that often rely on a portable air conditioner had to face temperatures climbing towards 50C.

Power cuts a regular problem

Unfortunately for a country that is at the mercy of the weather, power cuts are a regular problem as demand for electricity surges during the height of summer. More people turn up their air con units and even the smaller portable air conditioner is set to its maximum strength to help cope with the heat.

Portable air conditioner in cars

The only place where residents could find a portable air conditioner was in their cars – which caused more chaos and gridlock on the streets. The power cut, like the major black out in New York, showed the reliance of industry and everyday life on electricity and highlighted the importance of temperature control.

Five star prison services, including air con

Some areas of the Middle East are incredibly wealthy, and one of the bonuses of wealth is to be able to make the environment as comfortable as possible. Industrial air conditioning and portable air conditioner units are all part of creating liveable and desirable places to live and work. But in Dubai, even the criminals are getting the five-star treatment. The BBC reported that Dubai was planning to build a ‘five-star prison’. The advances in air con technology have resulted in affordable air con units and portable air conditioner systems, but the notion that prisoners will be housed in double rooms with private televisions and air conditioning is perhaps a step too far for some. Prison in Dubai even sounds desirable, featuring computer facilities, classrooms, a library and workshops producing high quality furniture. Sometimes crime does, it seems, pay.

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