Portable Air Conditioner – Managing Migraines

If you suffer from migraines in the summer months, it might be wise to invest in a portable air conditioner.

Research shows that hot weather can trigger migraines. Migraines can be debilitating for sufferers – and those at risk are being urged to check the temperature and take steps to reduce the risks. A portable air conditioner is one way of ensuring you have a cool room to escape to. The American research revealed the risk of a migraine went up by 7.5% for every five degree Celsius increase. The study was conducted on over 7,000 patients in the States. And researchers say that although you can’t do anything about the weather – you can take steps to safeguard from its effects. A portable air conditioner unit is one way of keeping the temperature down in your home.

Portable Air Conditioner – A Cool Head

The reports that this summer is expected to be the longest, hottest and driest in the UK for some years suggests some of us may be unprepared for the sweltering weather. Although it’s great to have a beautiful summer, heat can also be difficult to cope with. Heatwaves in Greece, Australia and America have all shown the impact extreme heat can have on the vulnerable. A report on the BBC recently suggested at least 20 people were killed in Adelaide, Australia as mostly elderly people were overcome by the baking temperatures triggering strokes and heart attacks. In such extreme situations, even air con units can be ineffective as the electricity grids are vulnerable to overload triggering power cuts. The UK may not face such extremes, but temperatures are expected to soar to 30C this summer. A portable air conditioner can help those who have health concerns about the impact of sweltering heat – an air con unit will keep a room cool and comfortable.

Weather Triggers Migraines

As well as an increase in temperature, lower air pressure also appeared to increase the headache risk. A researcher on the report, Dr Kenneth Mukamal told the BBC: “These findings help tell us that the environment around us does affect our health and, in terms of headaches, may be impacting many, many people on a daily basis.” If the weather triggers migraines, controlling temperature with a portable air conditioner may offer some relief. Researchers have warned those who are vulnerable to migraines should not become over-reliant on medication when the temperature soars.

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