Portable Air Conditioner – Keep a Cool Head

When things heat up, tempers can fray – a portable air conditioner can help you keep a cool head.

It’s important not to underestimate the impact heat can have. As the UK is predicted to have its hottest summer in years, we need to be prepared. When it comes to the weather, even when we’re forewarned, it seems Britain quickly grinds to a halt – whether it be a sudden snowfall or an expected heatwave. It seems we’re only good at coping with middle of the road weather. Which is why we should have in our spare rooms or garages the right equipment at hand to deal with extreme weather: a portable air conditioner!

Suicide Rates Rise in Heat waves

According to research, more suicide attempts occur when the weather becomes hot. It may sound tenuous, but imagine how irritable and uncomfortable when you feel inescapably hot. It isn’t surprising that we can be more prone to anger or upset. A portable air conditioner is one way of ensuring you always have a cool space to retreat to – especially at the height of the heat during the mid-day sun. And air conditioning may be even more crucial for vulnerable people. The London Institute of Psychiatry analysed over 50,000 suicides in England and Wales over a ten year period and found the rate rose when the average temperature topped 18C.

Portable Air Conditioner – Stay Chilled Out

The assumption is when weather is really grey, cold and miserable, we’re more prone to feeling low. But the study shows that with each further degree rise in temperature from 18C upwards, there was a rise in suicides of 4%. Violent suicides also increase – with a 5% per degree rise in temperature increase. A portable air conditioner can help you escape the heat. Hot weather is thought to have a psychological impact – if you feel you’re becoming irritable, aggressive or feeling impulsive, it could be time to find some chill out space and switch on your portable air conditioner.
There are other theories as to why suicides increase in hot weather – it’s thought there may be higher alcohol consumption and less serotonin in the brain which dips in the summer months. But the fact that scientists made a link between unusually hot days rather than summer in general suggests investing in a portable air conditioner could make a huge difference on our moods and emotions. The researchers say the suicide rate increased by almost 47% in the heatwave of 1995.

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