Portable Air Conditioners – Internet Retail Boom

Online shoppers are searching for ‘portable air conditioners’ as UK sales boom in sunny weather.

The relief of portable air conditioners

More people than ever before are logging on to the Internet searching for relief in the form of portable air conditioners as summer becomes unbearably hot. It’s easy to forget when grey skies loom large the stickiness of summer. The humid air and buzzing mosquitoes can make evenings and night-time unbearably uncomfortable and portable air conditioners provide cost-effective and efficient relief.

Searching for portable air conditioners

When the weather is warm in spring, traditionally clothes stores and high street shops see a boost to sales. It’s not too hot to lug shopping bags around town and not too cold to want to stay home and keep warm. But when it’s very hot, retail sales in the high street can suffer. It can be unthinkable to imagine dragging yourself from shop to shop when all you want to do is find a shady corner to lie in. That is why more people put ‘portable air conditioners’ into their search engine and order products online.

High streets sales fluctuate

The mild spring weather can add almost a 4% rise on high street sales but the spring sales also play a factor in increased business. However the confidence in the high street may well disappear once the rise in inflation rates takes hold. Some high street retailers can experience a lull in very hot weather but online retailers can receive a welcome boost – particularly companies that sell goods such as barbeques, garden equipment and portable air conditioners and fans.

Cheaper online

Online shopping has become more popular than ever which may account for the increased trend to buy products like books, DVDs, portable air conditioners and just about everything including the kitchen sink on the Internet. One of the driving factors is convenience, accessibility and the lower running costs for broadband. Internet retailers tend to be popular also because products are generally cheaper online because of the reduced overheads for online retailers.

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