Portable Air Conditioning – Ill-Equipped Brits

As the world is heating up and Britain is experiencing temperatures more suited to the Mediterranean, demand for portable air conditioning is set to boom.

It’s hard to open a newspaper these days without reading about global warming – the threat to the polar bears as the Arctic ice melts, the increased risk of heat waves and the risks they entail, and ultimately how the planet is under threat unless we act now. Finding environmentally friendly ways to keep cool isn’t always easy, but with the help of the latest technology you can find portable air conditioning units that are environmentally friendly and will keep you cool.

Portable Air Conditioning – The solution

As many offices, homes and workplaces are ill equipped for the rise in temperature, many of us are left in unbearable conditions. Sweltering in the heat can be detrimental to our health, and in extreme scenarios can even prove fatal, especially for the vulnerable and elderly. It can impact on how efficiently you work, and how well you function in your day to day life. So finding solutions through portable air conditioning units is one way of addressing the impending problem.

Hot under the collar

Anybody who has had to catch the London tube at the height of a British heat wave will understand how unbearable it can be, with passengers fainting, suffering dehydration, excessive sweating and headaches -torture! The majority of countries that are susceptible to extreme heat are well equipped to cope. Restaurants, bars, hotels and offices across America for example all hum with air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioning systems are found everywhere in people’s homes, in shops and in small businesses. But enter the majority of British buildings and the chances are they are freezing in winter and boiling hot in summer!

Portable air conditioning – room to breathe

Everybody knows how miserable it is when you work in an office where you have to huddle around one window propped up by a stack of books to get a little air. And in the height of summer, sticking fans around merely circulates the stale, hot air around. Portable air conditioning is a godsend, allowing you to get on with your work comfortably. Whether it’s to ensure your employees don’t wilt and your business dries up, or to help make the height of high summer more bearable for your elderly relative, investing in portable air conditioning is clearly going to be big business as the world continues to get hotter and hotter.

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