Portable Air Conditioner – The Hot and Cold Treatment

It’s not often that the ‘hot and cold’ treatment can be considered as advantageous, but with a portable air conditioner, it hits the nail on head for a long lasting relationship.

The portable air conditioner is no summer romance. It doesn’t just take care of you in the summer and then become fruitless in the Winter, which is more than we can say for the opposite sex. The portable air conditioner doesn’t just gather dust at the corner of the room when the summer’s over. It’s here to stay and it doesn’t pollute the environment either.

If you are looking for a bit of longevity and loyalty regardless of the time of year, then you’ll be pleased to know that the portable air conditioner can now offer users the best of both worlds.

Modern models of the portable air conditioner now provide temperature moderation for both the summer and winter months. Despite any reservations that eco warriors may have, these modern air conditioning systems are extremely energy efficient. And the price/quality balance? Absolutely perfect for all budgets.

Kill Two Birds with One Portable Air Conditioner

Unlike conventional systems, modern models of the portable air conditioner include outstanding features such as an increased cooling capacity, a water recycling system for increased energy efficiency, low noise turbo fan, self diagnosis and timer functions, a handy remote control and speed controls.

The most incredible feature of the modern portable air conditioner is the option for a heater as well as a cooler – this means that the portable air conditioner can be used all year round.

Climachill’s Clever Portable Air Conditioner

Climachill’s portable air conditioner units feature ‘HEAT PUMP Heating Technology’, which is a vast improvement to the standard PTC heating which is widely used by other portable air conditioner units on the market.

HEAT PUMP Heating Technology ensures that your portable air conditioner heats up quickly so you no longer have to use a conventional electric fan heater.

Your portable air conditioner from Climachill will also be friendly to the environment because the HEAT PUMP Heating Technology is so efficient and reduces power usage. This technology makes the portable air conditioner approximately 3 times more efficient than your electric heater!

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