Portable Air Conditioning for the Home Office

More people are turning to home working but the dream of leaving the air conditioned office behind can quickly turn into a nightmare.

There’s been a seismic change in how we work. The technological revolution has meant more of us have the flexibility to take our work with us, to work remotely from home and even from the beach. But although millions of us have embraced home working, if you don’t have a portable air conditioning unit, dedicated office space and ergonomic work station, working from home can be bad for your body, soul and mind.

Portable Air Conditioning for the Home Office

It may be a dream to pack in the commute, escape the shackles of office routine and have the freedom to work in your pyjamas. But the reality is often cramped spaces and dark rooms where you’re either too cold or too hot. Offices have the advantage of being, for the most part, air conditioned, ergonomic, spacious and light. According to research, less than 50% of home workers are satisfied with their office space, with a quarter working in the kitchen, a third in their spare rooms and 10% making do with anywhere they can find. If you’re stuck in a cramped, hot attic a portable air conditioning unit can be a Godsend. And the memory of your air-conditioned office complete with water cooler may seem much more appealing when the temperatures really soar.

Home Comforts

But although the reality of home work may not match the fantasy, many of us are having to work flexibly to fit around family commitments. So if you do work from home, get your workstation comfortable. Invest in portable air conditioning that you can take from room to room if needs be. If you can, create your own office in a dedicated room or consider converting a shed or garage. Having a filing cabinet next to your sofa simply isn’t conducive to relaxation and you need to draw a line between home and work when you do work from home. Having a dedicated space you can shut the door to at the end of the day will be good for your health.

Sweatshop Conditions

Sweltering at work, whether its in your home or office, can be detrimental to your work. If your chained to your desk in the summer months, it an really impact on your ability to work well. A portable air conditioning unit will keep your mind clear and body comfortable. Statistically UK workers are at an increased risk of ill health and accidents as summer temperatures rise. The heat can trigger greater stress, lack of concentration and even increase levels of violence. Sweatshop conditions are not good for anybody, make sure you invest in a portable air conditioning unit.

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