Portable Air Conditioners – A Growing Market

More people than ever are suffering from allergies and asthma which could have a direct impact on the demand for portable air conditioners…….

Portable Air Conditioners and Health

Doctors in the UK have recommended air conditioning for people who suffer from lung disease or asthma to help ease the summer months. Not everybody can afford expensive air con units in their homes, but portable air conditioners are a cost effective alternative. It isn’t just those who have problems breathing that can find the summer difficult to cope with but those who are prone to allergies – especially the most common allergy of all – hay fever.

Portable Air Conditioners and Hey Fever

If you suffer from hey fever it can be debilitating in some cases and staying at home in a cool room is the best option when pollen counts are very high. Portable air conditioners are a way of ensuring your home remains at a comfortable temperature if you are stuck indoors.

Allergies on the Increase

Conditions such as asthma and allergies are on the increase. It’s difficult to know why this is the case but for some people staying indoors keeping the home cool with portable air conditioners is the only option. Scientists and researchers have suggested excessive hygiene is a cause for the increase as our immune systems weaken from the lack of exposure to infection. However the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said that there is no proof of such a theory being true, and homeowners should not allow dirt or bacteria into their homes.

Make the Summer Bearable with Portable Air Conditioners

‘Controlled dirtiness’ is not possible and exposure to infections is dangerous. The fact is however that allergies are on the increase for children and there has also been a rise in men suffering from allergies in recent decades. If you are unfortunate to have bad hey fever, portable air conditioners are one way of making the summer months bearable.

Stay Indoors

Staying indoors and investing in portable air conditioners is a cost effective and efficient way of making the summer comfortable. Those who should avoid the extreme heights of the summer sun include:

” Allergy sufferers, especially hay fever
” Pale skinned people – if you are fair haired or a red head – tend to burn faster in the sun
” If you are ill or elderly you could be more affected by high temperatures and vulnerable to heat stroke and sun stroke.
” Children are more vulnerable to heat and should be kept cool; babies should be kept out of the sun all together.

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