Portable Air Conditioning – The Four Degrees Rule

You may be unconvinced that portable air conditioners can cool a room as well as an installed system, but four degrees is the perfect measurement for ultimate temperature comfort….

Portable air conditioners are cheaper, easier to install and use, and require less maintenance. Perfect.

But does a portable air conditioner really have the strength and power to cool a room like an installed system can? Paying less for a small portable air conditioning unit could save you money, but if it doesn’t perform like an installed system then your monetary efforts would become futile.

This is why it is important to purchase the right sized portable air conditioner for your home or workplace. An under-powered air conditioning unit will not be able to cool the room to a desired temperature, and any money saved will easily become wasted. Portable air conditioning is a phenomenon that has saved families and businesses across the nation a significant amount of time and money. It continues to be a cost-effective alternative to an installed system, but it is crucial to find the right sized unit.

Four Degrees of Perfection

A correctly sized portable air conditioning system is designed to reduce the room temperature by approximately four degrees to that of the outside ambient temperature. And four degrees is the perfect level of decrease in room temperature to achieve absolute comfort when the weather is too hot. On a day when the outside ambient temperature is thirty degrees, you can expect the room to be approximately twenty six degrees – this is a comfortable reduction in temperature, and ideal for our bodies.
This is because our bodies will adapt to the outside ambient temperature, so portable air conditioning can create an immediate difference. You will be able to feel this as soon as you walk into a room with a portable air conditioning unit. Because our body temperature adapts to ambient temperature, making the room temperature any cooler than four degrees can actually make you feel uncomfortable and too cold.

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