Portable Air Conditioning and Fans in Demand

Global warming can have a positive as well as a negative impact on the nation’s economy as businesses who sell portable air conditioning boom, but high street sales dip.

Portable air conditioning, bottled water – big business

When it comes to being persuaded to part with your money there are multi-million pound campaigns all influencing you to buy a certain drink, car or food product. But one thing marketers and advertisers can’t control is the weather. And the weather can have a massive influence on British business and manufacturers – from those who produce portable air conditioning units to those who specialise in bottled water – heat can sell products.

Portable air conditioning retailers benefit

So it’s clear the weather can influence trade and impact on sales. So who exactly benefits?

” Portable air conditioning unit manufacturers, air conditioning system and fan manufacturers
” Bottled water and ice cream retailers
” Barbecue and outdoor living suppliers and stores
” The Scottish and Newcastle Brewers announced a massive boost in beer sales during the 2003 heatwave

Negative impact on the economy

But if you don’t manufacture or sell portable air conditioning and cooling products, you could end up being negatively affected by the heat.

” Insurance companies noted a rise of around two thirds in annual claims as a result of increased lightening strikes from tropical weather conditions
” High street retailer WHSmith released a press release after the heatwave saying sales were flat due to the hot weather, which kept people at home

The stresses on the environment

As well as the economy that sees portable air conditioning unit sales rise and high streets sales drop, the environment is also impacted. The Royal Horticultural Society reported an increase in calls on drought-stressed lawns, plants and trees and utilities such as Thames Water felt the strain with unprecedented demand for water, which can result in hose pipe bans exacerbating the problem of overcoming heat. Portable air conditioning is one way of ensuring that you can keep cool at home even if the rest of the country is wilting in the heat. One trade that really benefits however from Britain’s heatwaves is the growing wine trade; vineyards in Surrey reported some of the best vintages and highest yields ever as a result of the unusually high temperatures. But for anyone trying to buy a fan or portable air conditioning unit during the hottest days of summer, you could end up on a waiting list as stocks are in increased demand – make sure you get yours first!

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