Portable Air Conditioning and The Environment

Portable air conditioning is a saviour for those of us who struggle in the summer heat but is it suitable for the environment conscious eco warriors?

UK health officials have released public warnings for the anticipated heatwave this summer and everyone is in search for some cooling solutions to help with the intense heat. As newspapers and media sources publish related articles and recommended tips for the public, portable air conditioning stands out as a quick and affordable solution.

With minimum fuss and cost effective prices, portable air conditioning is a convenient solution for households and offices this summer. Portable air conditioning is economically viable for most budgets, but is it friendly for the environment?

Eco warriors are worried that the increased use of portable air conditioning systems and installed air conditioners are injecting additional carbon into the air, a gas that is known to insulate the planet and contribute greatly to global warming. Scientists have predicted that this will continue to be a problem in the future, which in turn, will result in extreme heat and other severe weather conditions.

But is there a portable air conditioning system that is also friendly to our environment?

Portable Air Conditioning – The Latest Technology

Today, portable air conditioning uses up-to-date technology for both cooling and heating systems for the home and workplace.

The latest breakthrough for portable air conditioning is ‘Self Evaporative Water Recycling’, which means that portable air conditioning systems can re-use a large percentage of the water it creates. This offers both convenience for the user and a safer environment for all.

The latest portable air conditioning systems also run more efficiently, with lower power consumptions.

Portable Air Conditioning with Climachill

Climachill offers a range of new generation portable air conditioning units for both commercial and domestic use. These portable air conditioning units are friendly to the environment by re-using approximately 75% of the water it creates.

Because Climachill’s portable air conditioning systems have the ability to re-use 75% of the water it creates, you will not have to empty the waters tank as many times as a standard air conditioner.

A wide range of heating and cooling systems are available at Climachill and the portable air conditioning units are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and create a safe environment for your home this summer.

Get cost effective air conditioning solutions at Climachill on 08458 99 44 22, or email the sales team for further information: sales@climachill.co.uk