Portable Air Conditioners – Enjoy the Sun

The sun can be dangerous as well as fun but portable air conditioners may help make the temperature more bearable.

If you want to enjoy the summer month’s than you need to be prepared. One of the most uncomfortable things about the heat is the fact you can’t escape it. In America they have the refuge of industrial air con units in their offices and portable air conditioners in their homes. But in the UK, you have to head down to your local supermarket and hang out in the freezer section to feel refreshed.

Portable air conditioners good for health

Heat can be dangerous – to those who have lung disease and asthma and to those who are vulnerable, such as the elderly. The deaths from heatstroke during Europe’s worst heatwaves are testament to how deadly it can be. But even if you can’t afford an air con unit, you can afford portable air conditioners, which means that you can keep at least one important room such as your bedroom (if you can’t sleep from heat) or your study (if you can’t work because of the humidity) cool.

Portable air conditioners control temperatures

As well as controlling temperatures with portable air conditioners there are other low cost ways you can effectively protect yourself from the heat and sun:

” Buy a large brimmed hat – even if it’s not the height of fashion it will keep your nose from being burnt.
” Buy high factor sun block – did you know that skin cancer was the second biggest cancer in the UK? Just because it’s not ‘abroad’ doesn’t mean you are safe from the British sun.
” The number of new cases of skin cancer increases every year and has doubled in the last twenty years. If you do go out in the sun, cover up, avoid midday peaks and always sit in the shade with a high factor sun block on.
” If you buy portable air conditioners staying indoors is the safest way to avoid being damaged by the sun!

There’s nothing healthy about a tan

The cause of skin cancer is predominantly from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so as well as the sun it’s important to avoid being in water, sand and snow where ultraviolet radiation is reflected off the light surfaces and therefore has increased strength. Using portable air conditioners in a conservatory for example is a great way to enjoy the sun in safety and in comfort without being exposed to ultraviolet radiation or extreme heat. Sunbeds should also be avoided – the only safe tan is one from a bottle. Although you may feel you look healthier with a tan, the reason your skin darkens is because it is damaged and tans also cause premature ageing.

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