Portable Air Conditioning Unit Demand Set to Soar

Portable air conditioning unit sales could rocket as the Met predicts a scorching summer.

We may moan and whine about the weather in the UK for being wet and damp, but when things heat up, you can guarantee we’ll be moaning about the water drought or stuffy offices. And this summer, it looks like it will pay to be prepared. It’s time you invested in a portable air conditioning unit. According to the Met Office summer 2009 could bring three months of boiling summer as temperatures top 30C. More people will holiday at home to enjoy the weather and save cash. A portable air conditioning unit will make sure you can keep one room in your home cool and comfortable. For those with children or elderly relatives, it’s important to have a place to cool down and escape unbearable heat. To really enjoy the summer, you have to be wary of the things that can cause pain and misery: heatstroke, sunburn, unbearable humidity. And a portable air conditioning unit offers an affordable and convenient way of tackling an unduly hot British summer.

Stock up on Portable Air Conditioning Units

After two miserable summers with endless rain, the prospect of a hot, dry summer is something to be cheerful about, especially for those recession-hit Brits who decide to stay at home and enjoy the UK sun. A portable air conditioning unit will help create ideal conditions to enjoy the summer sun. Whether you want a portable air conditioning unit to keep your nursery comfortable and cool or to ensure your bedroom isn’t too hot for sleep (many people hate to open the windows in case they are infested with summer bugs and mosquitoes), or you want air con to keep your home study bearable as you slave away indoors – with a portable unit you can target the rooms you want when you need.

Sizzling Summer Forecast

It’s expected that Britain will experience below average rainfall this summer with temperatures topping 30C – good news for the estimated one in five Brits who opted for a holiday abroad last year but can’t afford to travel this year. According to Visit Britain an extra five million Brits will holiday in UK beauty spots. The hot, dry weather is being attributed to the warmer sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. Considering that the summer of 2008 was the wettest since 1914, it’s certainly bright news for many Brits. Sales of bottled water, fans and portable air conditioning units are sure to rocket.

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