Portable Air Conditioning – All in a Day’s Work

If there was one thing you’ll be gasping for this summer, it’s bound to be a portable air conditioning unit.

Dreaming of portable air conditioning units!

You toss and turn all night – no matter how thin the cotton sheet, it’s impossible to escape the stifling heat. And to top it all off, you’ve got a couple of buzzing mosquitoes driving you slowly insane. Mosquitoes may love the heat but humans don’t – not when it’s so stifling you only dream of portable air conditioning units and chilled glasses of water been chucked over your entire body.

The miserable commute

So you have a cold shower and head for the commute to work in the flimsiest of outfits office conventions allow. Before you’ve stepped out the door, the exertion has put you in a sweat and you already feel grimy. You endure packed tube stations that would be illegal if you were cattle being transported but you’re not, you’re only human. And why don’t they invest in portable air conditioning on buses and tubes? How many fainting commuters could they save by such a simple device?

Chilled air thanks to portable air conditioning…

If you’re lucky you arrive at your office and are greeted with chilled, refreshing air thanks to the portable air conditioning. But more than likely, you’ll be met by grumpy colleagues, ties already a kilter as they try and find some breathing space. An old dictionary is propped on the windowsill revealing a few inches of natural air, but the weather is so hot and still, it makes no difference. And to top it off, a radiator is blasting out heat because the maintenance guy never got round to fixing it.

No air con! Watch out for fan fights

And when there are no portable air conditioning units, or no kind of air conditioning systems in operation, colleagues resort to Fan Fights. There are, inevitably, a maximum of three operating fans in any one office at any one given time, and the boss will have pilfered one. Resentments build, the heat drives everyone nuts, and before you know it, the whole company has gone postal.

Don’t sweat it, be cool

Then you’re left with the commute home alongside all the other commuters who have faced a day as hellish as yours, melting in the heat, feeling stuffy, sticky and sick feeling. The least you can do when you get home is get yourself a portable air conditioning unit so you can kick back with a cold beer and be cool.

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