Portable Air Conditioning Could Cut Crime

Leaving bedroom windows open on sultry nights could leave you vulnerable to burglars – if you’re concerned, a portable air conditioning unit could be the answer.

If you’ve even been a victim of a burglary you’ll know how traumatizing it can be. Especially if things are taken that are personal and can’t be replaced. Burglars can target homes that are vulnerable – that don’t have alarms, or who leave windows unlocked, or worse – open. But in the humid summer nights, it can feel like you have no choice but to leave the windows open, which is where a portable air conditioning unit could help.

Crime can increase dramatically in the summer months as burglars take advantage of open windows at night – a portable air conditioning unit in the bedroom will mean you can always ensure your house is secure and stay cool.

The problem is such, that safety warnings are regularly issued by police during the summer months advising homeowners not to make life easier for burglars. Leaving doors and windows open, even in the day, can put your home at risk. Many people leave their handbags and valuables near to their door – leaving it propped open to let in air makes it easy for any passer by to steal your handbag in seconds. But the onset of warm weather often puts homes at increased risk from opportunist burglars looking for an easy break-in.

Close Windows, Switch on the Air Conditioning

If you feel you have no choice but to leave bedroom windows open at night, it could be worth considering a portable air conditioning unit as a safer alternative. That way you can keep your bedroom at optimum temperature without having to worry about unwanted guests – such as burglars and mosquitoes! According to Nottingham Police who issued a warning about leaving windows open, more than a third of all burglaries are the result of an open window or an unlocked door. It just takes seconds for a burglar to enter your property if windows are open. Don’t be a victim of crime – the small things can make a difference – such as investing in a portable air conditioning unit, ensuring doors are locked at all times, and keeping windows shut. Make sure car keys and house keys are not left in the lock and kept away from doors and windows. These simple steps could save you the heartache and inconvenience a burglary inevitably causes.

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