Portable Air Conditioner – Cut Costs

As the recession continues to bite, a portable air conditioner could be the solution to hot summers.

Let’s face it, installing an in-built air-con unit can cost tens of thousands of pounds depending on the size of your home or office. Air-con is expensive to run, maintain and install. And in our British climate, do we really need year-round air conditioning? These two factors drive the sales of the portable air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioner: Saving Money

Investing in a portable air conditioner won’t break the bank. Today’s technology means that the portable air conditioner is incredibly effective and efficient. A portable air conditioner can be used whenever, wherever. Because of its flexibility and convenience, its the perfect piece of equipment for the British office. In-built air-con units not only cost a fortune to install, they’re expensive to maintain and should be replaced every ten years. Installing in-built air-con is a long term commitment.

The Cost-Effective Solution

The temperamental British weather means the portable air conditioner is the ideal solution. The home air-con industry in the UK is relatively small because of the mild weather. It simply makes more sense for Brits to cut their costs and stick to a portable air conditioner, especially when times are financially tight. But for offices, it’s important to have some kind of air conditioning. A good office environment, research shows, is conducive to a more motivated staff. And employees will not tolerate working in an over-heated office – expectations are higher than ever. For small offices that can’t afford an in-built air-con unit, a portable air conditioner is a great solution.

Summers Heat Up

More Brits could be turning to a portable air conditioner in their home as the summers get warmer. The Telegraph’s weather correspondent, Philip Eden, believes more of us will turn to air-con in the near future: “I have a portable air-conditioner in my office and would install one throughout if I was building a new home,” he wrote. “The figures show our summers have been getting warmer over the last 40 years and we will need it more and more.” As the heat gets turned up, it can impact on our irritability levels and our ability to work and function at our best – forget sweating in a stuffy environment, invest in a portable air conditioner.

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