Cooling Caravans with a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

The portable air conditioning unit is becoming more well-travelled than Michael Palin – caravans, motor homes and canal boats can now all benefit from cool relief found in most modern homes….

Bricks and mortar has always had the advantage of certain luxuries that just can’t be found in caravans and motor homes. But today, modern features can be found in caravans as well as an orange brick mansion in suburbia. Portable air conditioning has made it possible for caravans, motor homes and canal boats to have the same cooling relief as any other house in the country.

A portable air conditioning unit can cool down a motor home in seconds and keep the whole family comfortable during the summer. Not only can a portable air conditioning unit provide cooling relief but some models have additional heating functions so portable air conditioners can be used in a motor home all year round.

Portably Perfect for Travel

Whether you are travelling the continent in a motor home, embarking on a summer canal boat adventure, or you just don’t like to constrict yourself to the bricks and mortar lifestyle, you will be pleased to know that modern technology in portable air conditioning can offer cooling, heating and dehumidifying all in one compact unit.

A portable air conditioning unit is perfect for travel and holiday homes. Installing an air conditioning system into a caravan or motor home can cost thousands of pounds and the added weight can have great impact on the life of the vehicle, and not to mention, the fuel costs! The portable air conditioning unit is light and easily transportable. Portable air conditioners are also extremely energy efficient, easy to operate, convenient with little maintenance needed, flexible for any home or workplace, compact and ergonomically sound, and they have modern design to be aesthetically pleasing.

On the Move with Climachill

If you are on the move then trust Climachill to provide you with the best portable air conditioning unit for you and your family. Portable air conditioning units look modern and stylish and can cool or heat your motor home quickly and efficiently.

Climachill are experts in air conditioning and they supply the finest installed and portable air conditioners to the UK. If you’re on the move then make sure you get a fully guaranteed, fully warranted portable air conditioning unit from Climachill today.

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