Portable Air Conditioners – Cool Shirt and Shoes!

Portable air conditioners are all the rage in the sweltering summer months – and in Japan, inventors have taken the concept to an all new high.

Portable air conditioners can be a life saver when the weather becomes unbearably hot – literally. Heat can kill. But for most of us, it’s just a question of being uncomfortably hot. The UK is set for a scorching summer, but in countries where the weather can be stultifying, air conditioning is top of the agenda. Portable air conditioners are one way of achieving a cool climate economically if you can’t afford to install a complete air conditioning system in your home or office. But one inventor has taken portable air conditioning to another level, by building in air conditioning into a shirt. The inventor is a former Sony technician, Hiroshi Ichigaya, and the UK could be investing in the invention if the summers become as hot as global warming experts say.

Portable Air Conditioners – Do Not Iron

This is one shirt you won’t want to put in the washing machine or iron! The inbuilt air conditioning system works by wafting a breeze around the shirt wearer’s body. It means if you don’ t have air con in the home or office, you can carry your own portable air conditioner and stay cool, even outdoors. The press have dubbed it the ‘coolest shirt you can buy’ although it’s said to make you look more like the Michelin man than George Clooney! The shirt is a portable air conditioner that helps the body stay cool by circulating a layer of air around the shirt – this allows sweat to evaporate, ensuring the body cools down. The shirt may not be that practical (you need to use batteries or re-charge the fans) and you will have to remove all electric parts before washing, and it may make you look a little inflated, but for those worried about comfort over looks it’s ideal. The shirt was designed for use on factory floors to help employees cope with the humid Tokyo heat.

Wearers of the portable air conditioners say the shirts can make you look like ‘Quasimodo’. Another bizarre invention includes the design of air conditioned shoes to stop feet getting smelly. The shoes hide portable air conditioner units that suck in fresh air and circulate it around the feet. The mini air conditioning unit is said to help fungal infections such as athletes foot as well as reduce foot odour.

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