Portable Air Conditioners – Cool Britannia

Extreme weather seems to be part of the course in the UK now, and yet our approach to the weather is very British. Could portable air conditioners be the answer?

Air conditioning in the UK isn’t as fundamentally a part of British working life as it is in America. In fact, in the States it’s virtually unheard of to enter a restaurant, shop of office block that doesn’t have an extensive air conditioning system in place. Hot summers are, we have been told, going to be a staple in the UK thanks to the effects of global warming. And yet, it seems every winter and every summer, we Brits are completely unprepared when it gets a bit too cold, or a bit too hot.

Portable Air Conditioners – Be Prepared

If you’re a small office or work from home, you can be prepared for a sweltering summer thanks to portable air conditioners. Convenient, affordable and cost effective, portable air conditioners offer a way to keep Britannia cool. Considering how obsessed we Brits are by the weather, the seasons are a trigger for some weather-specific products, such as spades and de-icers in winter, and portable air conditioners and fans in summer. Our complaints about a bit of snow, which literally stopped London in its tracks, reveals how the weather can obsess us in a way that would amaze those living in the snow-bound Canadian rockies or tropical temperatures of Australia.

Britain: Let’s Talk about the Weather

There can be few other nations on the planet that are as ill-prepared for winter or summer than Britain. But when temperatures hit 30C in London, it seems as if catastrophe has struck. But there’s a reason why many British homes and offices don’t invest in extensive air conditioning systems; because our summers are normally quite short, it’s hard to justify the cost of up to £10,000 to fit an in-built air-con system in our homes. Portable air conditioners could be the solution. Unlike in-built air con that regulates the entire house and uses a lot of energy, portable air conditioners can work at a fraction of the cost; home owners can move them from room to room to maximise their cost-effectiveness. And by using portable air conditioners in a dedicated way means you can minimise the impact on the environment by keeping energy use low.

Portable Air Conditioners: Coping with a Heatwave

As we Brits live in a climate where we’re more likely to be concerned about heating our homes than cooling them down, the vast majority of homes simply can’t cope when heatwaves hit. As Terry Seward of the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations told the press: “Householders are not going to pay thousands for an in-built air-con they need only a few days or weeks a year.”
Portable air conditioners are the perfect solution for life in the British climate.

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