Portable Air Conditioner – Controlling the Power Surge

As more heatwaves hit the UK, the demand for air con is causing huge power surges on the national grid – the portable air conditioner could be the answer.

Most countries that experience sub tropical heat rely daily on air conditioning systems of some kind. Even army tents in the middle of the desert get to experience comfortable climates with the use of a portable air conditioner. But in the UK, the weather has always been considered to be grey, damp and rather dreary. Last year however, it seemed the summer heatwave could be a sign of things to come. And its important Britain prepares for the heat without risking huge unexpected power surges that could ultimately cause power black outs.

Increased demand on air conditioning

In the heatwave of 2006 electricity demand surged thanks to the increased use of air conditioning, with one lunchtime peak resulting in 1,000 megawatts above normal demand. The National Grid put this down to the increased demand on air conditioning, refrigeration and other cooling machinery such as portable air conditioner devices.

Portable air conditioner – Buy energy efficient

However, when it comes to choosing a portable air conditioner it is possible to purchase an energy efficient and more environmentally friendly product. For example the 15000btu Portable Air Conditioner uses the latest environmentally friendly energy efficient refrigerants and due to their energy efficiency are only subject to 5% vat when installed in domestic homes.

The portable air conditioner and self evaporative technology

This portable air conditioner is efficient because it uses the latest ‘self evaporative’ technology. Unlike standard portable air conditioner units where you have to manually empty the water tank, the water is pumped internally over a condenser that evaporates the water. This aids the cooling process and achieves cheaper running costs.

The 15000btu Portable air conditioner unit:

” Recycles around 75% of the water generated
” Has an increased cooling capacity, which –
” Results in an increased energy efficiency
” The portable air conditioner unit therefore is cheaper to run

Although the power surges experienced in 2006 did not result in an alert over power use, it is indicative of potential problems. As the summers continue to hot up across the UK, more people will be looking for cost effective, energy efficient portable air conditioner units.

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