Chill Out and Don’t Stress with Portable Air Conditioners

Just as pathetic fallacy can affect our moods when the weather is bad, a cool room can help us keep a cool head, so get portable air conditioning for your home or workplace….

Some people get flustered easily. Others keep a cool head in the face of adversity. A cool room can help us all keep cool when faced with stressful situations. Work related stress affects approximately 4,000,000 people in the UK. Research by the HSE also reveals that 442,000 working in Britain during 2007/09 stated that they were experiencing work stress at such a level that it was making them ill. The work place is by far the most stressful environment for all of us, but portable air conditioners can keep the working environment cool and keep our body temperatures down.

Portable air conditioning is ideal for an office room or computer room at home. If you work from home, or run a small start-up business from a home-based office then portable air conditioners are ideal for your daily use. They can work well in large offices or be used as back-up air conditioners for large installations.

The Heat is On!

When the heat is on, in more ways than one, work stress and body temperature will spiral into a vicious cycle. If you’re stressed, your body temperature will rise. And when you’re hot and sweaty, you’re more likely to become flustered and stressed out. The ideal room temperature for a working environment normally varies between 20ºC and 25ºC, and the temperature in a room can greatly affect our ability to concentrate. Portable air conditioning can help us remain calm and give a better performance at work.

It is common knowledge that the sun can make us tired. Whether this is the work of pathetic fallacy or the genuine side effects of heat on the human body, the reality is, we do perform better and have more motivation when room temperature is controlled and comfortable. This is why so many companies have installed air conditioning systems. But a portable air conditioner makes a cost-effective alternative to a complicated and installed system.

Installed systems require maintenance and use up a lot of energy. A portable air conditioning unit is friendly to the environment, friendly to our energy bills and requires no installation upon purchase. Portable air conditioning units are ready to turn on as soon as they arrive – perfect for any office or workplace.

Cool Staff with Cool Heads

Yes, pathetic fallacy, otherwise known as anthropomorphic fallacy, is psychological. It refers to the treatment of inanimate objects and the effects they have on us emotionally or sensually. People could think that they are tired because they see the sun, and people could make themselves feel flustered and stressed because they know it’s hot. But whether anthropomorphic fallacy is the case or not, our body temperatures will rise – and there’s nothing psychological about that. Whatever it is that causes stress, a cool room can help us feel calm. Portable air conditioners can help to moderate room temperatures at home and at work.

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