Portable Air Conditioner – A Chill In the Air

With the massive air con systems at work in Hong Kong, things are getting a bit too chilly – perhaps a portable air conditioner would be best for some smaller offices.

Smaller scale portable air conditioner units

Environmental groups are calling on offices in Hong Kong to be a little cooler about their air con. The massive air conditioning systems in use across Hong Kong are being blamed by Friends of the Earth as being responsible for increased carbon dioxide emissions. Perhaps adopting a smaller scale portable air conditioner (where appropriate) could help reduce emissions and keep workers cool.

Temperature is a burning issue

Of course, many skyscrapers need industrial sized air con units but it isn’t just about size, whether you have an industrial unit or small portable air conditioner in Hong Kong, it is the temperature that is the burning issue. Reports say that the reason Hong Kong workers and residents have their portable air conditioner or air con units on so cold is because of a ‘lost in translation’ mistake. Air conditioning was originally translated into Cantonese to mean ‘cold air machine’. This means that all the thousands of people who use air conditioning in the office or have a portable air conditioner at home expect it to keep a room cold.

2.5m tons of carbon dioxide could be salvaged

The sub tropical climate in Hong Kong means there is a strong reliance on air conditioning units and the portable air conditioner in big offices, small shops and domestic homes. And there are many countries in the world that now rely on air con – a trend that is increasingly becoming common in the UK as the summers keep getting hotter. But Friends of the Earth say if countries such as Hong Kong stop expecting to have ‘cold’ temperatures and switch to the more comfortable temperature, it could help save 2.5m tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year – simply by reducing the temperature by just 1C.

Recommended temperature of 22.5C

The fact is although it’s hot outside it’s actually quite chilly indoors thanks to the high settings on the air con units and portable air conditioners in use across Hong Kong. Despite the fact in the 1970s the Hong Kong government recommended temperatures should be at 25.5C, this is not adhered to, with many companies opting for 21 or 22C.

Chilliest place on earth

So although Hong Kong can be one of the hottest places in the world, it is according to Hong Kong Polytechnic University one of the coldest air conditioned places in the world. Changing people’s expectations of their air con units or portable air conditioner units is vital in reducing the negative impact on the environment. Although it’s clear that air con is highly valuable and Hong Kong could not function efficiently without it, steps need to be taken to get the territory to be a little bit cooler about their air con.

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